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Fibromyalgia a result from a severe mental/physical trauma?
15 Replies
Moon Faery - April 7

I was just wondering if anyone else developed FMS after having experienced a severe mental and/or physical trauma. I suffered FMS acutely and chronically for a few years before I managed to cope with it and had a year of what I would call "a remission" but then became very ill after my gall bladder surgery went horribly wrong resulting in peritonitis and further surgeries to correct the surgeons "accident". I never recovered after that and my FMS symptoms flared up to an intensity that is beyond comprehension and I was just wondering if anyone else had an experience like me?


Barb - November 25

I have noticed that my FMS symptoms flare up after any particular stressful situation, even "overdoing it" working out doing yard work in the summer heat. This was also the trigger that caused a flare up of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I had about 7 years ago. Somehow, I feel that the conditions overlap.
God bless you with your healing......and THAT by the way, was how I got an instantaneous healing from the CFS. And how, ultimately I believe with all my heart that I will be healed from the Fibro. In the meantime, I try to do what I can to cope with and self treat the symptoms.


Suffering - November 25

I had a fall last year and injured my neck and shoulder, after surgery and rehab the doctors had no answers as to why pain was spreading like wildfire. I sought out a second opinion and was told I had FM. I know this triggered it but my origional doctors will not agree to this since they do not think FM is for real.


tonyab1838 - November 25

Mine started a year after I had Shingles. A very, very painful virus and my health started going down hill from there.


Missi - December 15

My mom hit her head and injured her neck about 2 years ago and she was diagnosed with FMS. The doctors have not directly related the FMS to her injury but I think that has to do with it being a work related injury and the doctor's work for the insurance company. They don't want to add any other injuries or illnesses to her diagnosis because then the insurance company would have to pay for her treatment. I talked to a friend of mine who is a doctor but he said he is not that knowledgable about FMS but he thinks trauma is one of the causes. He said he has read a couple articles about it and they are studying trauma as a cause because alot of people with trauma develop FMS. I hope that helps you. I think alot of doctors don't want to say people have FMS or CFS because they feel people will start to think doctors are just diagnosing them with it like they use to diagnose illnesses as "stress" because they really don't have a diagnosis or a reason for the illness. That's just my opinion but I also think that alot of doctors don't believe in FMS and CFS because they think in this day and age when everything is more stressful that alot of people are just suffering from stress related problems. Well, I think they should donate more money to research this terrible illness. It is more debilitating (sp) than alot of the illnesses they pour millions of dollars into researching.


Missi - December 15

I forgot to mention that as a result of my mom hitting her head she has a brain injury. FMS they say is caused when the transmitters of the brain aren't working properly. Well, why won't the doctors realize that with her brain injury her brain ISN'T working properly. So why couldn't the FMS be caused from the head injury??? Makes sense to me.


Jean - December 16

Yes, I do believe this can happen after traumatic experience such as you describe.


Sherry - December 19

Yes,I think there is a connection. I had a ruptured ovarian cyst that caused a massive infection. I took antibiotics in huge quantities administered intravenously. After that incident I first started having unusual pain and fatigue. First I was told that it was Epstein Barr Syndrome (not sure of spelling). After almost two years without any improvement I was told it was Fibromyalgia


Alison - January 3

It does seem likely that there is a connection. My FMS went from Localised to General (all over) after a back injury. Also, I've heard a fair number of stories from people with FMS who have suffered some sort of childhood abuse - myself included.


JJ - January 4

My FMS symptoms were discovered after taking care of my elderly parents (dad with Alzheimers, mother with cancer) over a period of 4 years. I was working full time, raising 3 kids and helping my parents deal with their illnesses. I coped while I was taking care of them, but after they died, the FMS symptoms hit like a freight train. Now I notice flare ups with any type of emotional stress.


Kelly - January 4

I feel for you so much I have also had my gallbladder out my however was successful i wonder if missing that organ has to do with certain symptoms. In my opionion the severe abuse and trama i have suffered over the past 30 years has caused my body to welcome this disease and i have been trying to unwelcome it eversince i do believe every time my stress levels increase so does the potential for a serious cycle mine comes and goes in severe cycles. i hope this helps you in someway to feel not alone.


CKH - January 5

Mine started after a mountain biking accident. Now in hind-sight I think I may have had FMS before the accident, but I didn't have enough "tender" points for anyone to diagnose me until after the accident. And it still took over a year after the accident to get an proper diagnosis...I personally did not know about FMS so I didn't know what to look for.


Kim - January 6

After thinking back, I started feeling worse after a long bout of dental problems. I was in excruciating pain for about a month and after a root canal did not work, I had oral surgery done after the dentist found one of the roots was growing into my sinus cavity. I had my TMJ under control until then and it came back. I am finally starting to have relief with exercise and Elavil but I still have flare ups. I keep a journal but still have a hard time trying to figure out what the triggers are.


Juanita - January 12

I agree with all of you. Of all the research I have done and read about fibro, traumatic physical injuries resulting from accidents is one of the major contributing factors that causes fibromyalgia.


anotherann - April 7

My story- probably undiagnosed for at least 7 years. Terrific job- 4 days/week, my life a delightful balance. Last October, job situation changed from previous situation to high stress job 5 days/week=no sleep, October 27, my son in auto accident, car totaled. October 31, my auto accident, hit from front right side. Perhaps 10 nights of good sleep since then, diagnosed March 24 '06. Presently constant pain, brain fog, yeast infection w. rash all over me, my doc identified 15 of 18 tender spots but I also have at least two in addition to the ones on the charts (below knees). I am focused on the possibility of remission when this miserable school year ends and I can sleep again.


Joyce - April 7

I came down with this when my mother who was in a different country became sick. I flew over to see her and help her twice and went to see her just weeks before she died. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to say goodbye, but I think it took its toll on me.



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