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Fibromyalgia - The symptoms of what?
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Zibby - September 22

My friend had severe stage of Fibromyalgia and CFS. She had problems sleeping, walking, standing for any length of time, bending over, reaching up and lifting any weight. She was constantly overtired. She lost her balance at unexpected moments which in consequences mostly finished with falling down having scrapes and bruises all over her body. Her memory was "NON-EXISTENT" and the pain was excruciating on a 24 hour basis.

Do you recognize the symptoms listed below?

1.Sleep problems.
2.Often having migraines.
3.Hyperactivity and aggression.
4.Having headache and depression
5.Often feeling depressed and irritable.
6.Not responding to medical treatment.
7.Always feeling tired and everything is an effort.
8.Repeating and returning illnesses problems.
9.Not feeling refreshed after a night's sleep, fatigue in the mornings.
10.Night cramps, feeling cold, tingling or numbness in hands and feet.

All of them are called “basic symptoms of exposition to EMF (Electromagnetic field) and they are mostly related to exposition to EMF rising up from under the home (natural and man-made).

The Immune System is desperately fighting with all harmful EMF - wide range of Man-made EMF and harmful natural like Geopathic Stress (Water Veins), Hartman Grid, Curry Net and other Global Grids.

That is not everything. Using electrical energy is wonderful and so comfortable, but this energy is a source of electromagnetic fields (EMF) the Immune System is fighting with the same desperate way as it fights with Geopathic Stress.

All of that.... could be too much for the capability of our Immune System.

… What will happen when we protect ourselves against some of them e.g. protecting our house from EMF coming from under the hose? Well I did it for my friends and …

After it the pain was lessened within days and she was able to move freely. From that time she had no problems sleeping, 3 days after her balance was back to normal. She had recovered her energy in the next 2 months. Her memory began improving constantly and in 11 months her memory returned to perfect shape. Her memory has never been this good in her whole life. After 1 year all symptoms of the Fibromyalgia and CFS are gone.

No more CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Can be done even more!



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