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6 Replies
Betty - August 10

How much more debilitating can this be?
does it cause one to eventually be confined to a wheelchair?
And finally why hasn't a pill out that can ease the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, sometimes I get so frustrated with this disease.


Debra Fibromyalgia - February 13

Hi Betty; I live in Toronto,Ont Canada.The problem with FMS is that they cannot retreat it because they really dont know what causes it. They are just guessing to what they might think the problem is.To be very honest with you i think that it is caused by a suppresed immune system.Diet,Lifestyle,Stress really not eating real foods that are good for us .I think that if you build up your immune system that you can reverse the disease.I have FMS and a list of other medical problems .I have no life because of the disease.I'm not looking to treat the symptoms because that will only mask the problem and make it worse in the long run.I'm in search of a cure and i will find it..My pain has taken my life away from me and i will do everything in my power to get it back.You have to fight with every last bit of energy you have to win this battle because no doctor or anyone will do that for you. Read,Learn as much as you can about FMS and natural ways like your diet and supplements to educate and help you get better.Trust me if you think you have tried everything well think again .It took a lot of time for your body to get sick and it is going to take alot of time and effort to get your self well again . ONLY YOU can reverse your DISEASE & PAIN. Keep on fighting and you will win this horrible battle.Your not alone even though every day it feels that way..,There are many

people on this site that are going through the same thing as you are .And i am one of them.I am a friend to you even though i dont know you ,i really do care.Please take good care of yourself. Sincerly Debra..... ......REMEMBER I WILL FIND A CURE.


Elizabeth - February 13

Hi to Betty. I, too live in Canada, just diagnosed with FMS. What do you do that you feel you can find a cure. I would sure like to be beside you when you do. If there is anything I can help with out here in the West, let me know. By the sound of this forum, it is going to be a long ride with this thing. So far not a very pleasant one.


JJ - February 13

My FMS has not really gotten any worse than when it was 6 years ago when I was first diagnosed. If anything, things are better. What has made it better for me has been prescription of Elavil -- this antidepressant helps you get into the deep sleep needed to feel more restored. Also, the diagnosis and awareness of what was wrong with me alleviated the stress associated with the unknown, so that has made things better. Now I can usually predict a flare-up and be prepared for it. I know if something is very stressful, then I am likely to have some new symptoms.


Debra Fibromyalgia - February 13

Hi BettyThanks so much for getting back to me.I'm just learning the computer and i dont have email yet. I'm 41 years old .People think that's strange.Well to answer your question the way will find a cure is not to listen to my doctors because i know more about FMS the they do.They are taught in medical school to treat the symtoms of the Disease with drugs and not taught to get to the root of the problem.I am intensely trying to get to root of it. I'm very close to finding it.Being stuck in bed for almost 4 years has forced me to read a lot of new medical books which i really dont like,but it is the only way that i can cure myself and maybe others as well.I am a people person i care alot about human life and feel bad for people that are suffering with chronic pain.I feel their pain because i'm suffering as well. I hope to hear back from you soon.I WILL FIND A CURE and when i do you will be the first one to know.Take good care...........sincerly Debra.


here we go again - August 10

which debra is this?


No One - August 10

Hey you: Here we go again.You are such a trouble maker.You had to go and dig up this old post to continue this game.The last post on here is in Feb06.Then you pull it up on Aug 10,06.Who cares what debra this is.Why do you want to hurt her so much.Who in the heck do you think you are.Leave these people alone for good.



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