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7 Replies
Gail - September 21

I have fibromyalgia and I sometimes experience a lost of balance when I walk,is this common among fibromyalgia suffers?


Virg - September 17

Hi, yup I call it the fibrodrunk walk. When my
guy walked into the plant that I had earlier I
said yup you're a fibrodrunk too. But seriously
yes it does happen and times so unexpected.


Jean - September 18

The fibrodrunk walk is a great name for it. I used to use a cane. Now sometimes I have to use a walker. Which is very embarrissing even tho it's for my own good. After all I don't need broken bones too.


Lynne - September 18

I know I often have a problem walking and not losing my footing... LOL fibrodrunk ok I know what we suffer from is far from funny but I have to laugh at myself because I know at times people are looking at me thinking..."she's drunk" I am unsure of if it has to do with the meds or maybe a combination of things.


allie - September 20

I notice somtimes that I bump into things. do you guys ever get dizzy? sometimes i feel kind woozy too. if used to totaly freak me out but i'm so used to it now that i don't real get scared anymore. it does bother me though. i worry that i might have a spell when i'm driving which would be really not good. my doc said it was jus anxiety.


Jean - September 21

Yes, loss of balance can occur. Are you on medication?


TERESA - September 21

Ive noticed that am just clumbsy in all different ways but I'm not dizzy or woozy. My balance, preception, & grip is just off. Sometimes I'm holding something and just drop it, misjudge a corner, or start out walking straight then wind up veering off. This is one of the first symptoms I noticed beside the pain.


Anne Hillebrand - September 21

This is a very common symptom. Would you believe that a decongestant will help? Phenylephrine. Sudafed PE is one, but kind of expensive. Read the labels. 4-Way Brand Nasal Spray is 1% Phenylephrine. Very weak version, but you could try that.

All the clear fluids in our bodies are sluggish.

Anne from FibroFix



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