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Fibrofog and loosing my bank card, AGAIN
2 Replies
axxie - March 25

OK, I'm the one that is always responding to some ailment, but why is it, that I have these long unresponse fibrofog, I feel like "The wheel is turning and the hamster left town" I hate it, I want to come out of my self and dust myself and start again. I am so in fibrofog that I'm actually loosing my way when driving the car, and going don't I know this street? What's next, I won't remember the rules of the road or my own address. Today, I had to renew my license plate sticker, it's easy, you get to the counter and you give the piece of paper and you pay, well it felt intimidating for me, I was confused, and I was asking myself, why was I ok when I left to go to the license department, I drive for 15 minutes and I'm totally confused about the procedure.
I feel confused, not sure if I have a full bag or an empty one and now I feel depressed and just want to hit the table to relieve my confusion and why did I give hell to my 16yr old daughter. I feel so confused or remorseful that I will need to apologies and hope she'll forgive me once more. Some days I want to drive fast in my car, other minutes I want to cry and the other moment I'm fine.


tnichel - March 26

Honey I spent 30 minutes searching my car for my registration renewal notice that was in my had 5 seconds before hand. I finally just went in and they let me renew it without the notice after I had worked myself into a tizzy for misplacing it. Then the line was so long that I ran out of change and had to ask passerby's for change. Did I mention it was my birthday too? Just horrible.

I've been thru 5 debit cards in the last year. I'm waiting for them to start charging me and I keep leaving the atm card in the atm. Yeah, they have it ready for me as soon as I walk in the bank door. How embarassing.

And today, I just want to cry and cry for no apparent reason. I think I'm just lonely and worn out after being in a flare 3 out of 4 weeks the past 3 months. I hate those days but I'm a trooper and so are you so we'll get thru it. Thanks for sharing. And yes, she will forgive you.... she's a teenager and her mood swings probably rival your fms ones. (I'm surprised I made it to adulthood looking back on my battles with my mom-mostly in my head though b/c I was took scared to sass back and still am to this day) So maybe you guys can find the humor in both of you having a bad day.


belle1329 - March 26

Your not alone, and I am always forgetting where something is, and sometimes it right in front of me. Sometimes I cant find the right word. I repeat things often. I have a hard time understanding the simplist things. I know that this does not change anything for you, but I hope it helps to know your not alone. Some people understand and some dont. My mom had alzhimers at 63, Im 52 this scares me.Hubby says he understands me but then at times it seems he is sarcastic and makes fun of me in front of others, Particular instances when I do something dumb,not realizing how much that hurts.



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