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Viv - August 7

Has anyone found a successful treatment for fibrofog?


JJ - June 5

No. This is probably the single most debilitating symptom for me. My pain is tolerable and intermittent. The fibrofog is always there and is affecting my work and job.


Cassie - June 5

I find that exercise helps me all around. If I can get in 30 or more minutes a day my mind seems much more clear. I know it is hard when you are in so much pain and feeling tired and weak to make yourself excercise, but if you start out easy, you can do it. I started by taking slow walks with my dog. Now it is more of a brisk walk. I have tried a spinning class, but couldn't do it, but I am signing up for Pilates. Sounds like more my style anyway. I also swim laps in my pool and do aqua-aerobics. Sometimes my 30 minutes may be a 15 min swim then a 15 min walk late in the evening. I also do strengthening excercises on my floor that I learned in physical thereapy that was supposed to help my severe backpain (it hasn't helped, but the excercises are good at strengthening stomach and back muscles. See if you can get a doc to write a script for phusical therapy. I also try to take stairs instead of elevators when I can. Just try to work some sort of excercise in to your daily routeine


Summer - July 9

Folic acid is supposed to help w/ mental clarity. I did notice a little difference when I started taking it.


Anne Hillebrand at FibroFix - July 9

For a quick fix try wiping a little Camphor Spirit on the back of your neck. Just takes a little. Stimulates the flow of the fluid that feeds your body, which includes your brain.

You can try just Campho Phenique gel if you have that lying around.

This is the oddest trick, but it will surprise you.


fibromom - July 12


What "fluid" flow is being stimulated with camphor spirit? Blood?


Ashley - July 25

My fibrofog was becoming extremely dhibilitating during the past three months... I'm a student currently, never had less than a high A, and scored 100% percent on almost every test... Then, it just didn't matter how much I studied, I was getting low B's on all my tests and I couldn't remember what I was saying or doing half the time. I started exercising just 3-4 times a week and my grades are back up.


DEBRA - July 25



Linda - August 5

Actually, my psychiatrist prescribes me Adderall for the chronic fatigue and fibro fog (which mimic ADD symptoms). I have a 4.0 in college thanks to taking the medication. But since Adderall is a strong narcotic, I don't advise it to those with addiction problems. Another good thing about Adderall (if taken responsibly and not abused) is that it has eliminated my IBS and lowers my blood pressure (due to the fact that it dilates the blood vessels). Also, it keeps my weight down and supresses carbohydrate cravings. But like I've said, it can only be taken by those with nonaddictive personalities.


Anne - August 5

Debra, you seem to be pissing everyone off on the forum. why are you acting so crazy? stop telling everyone their wrong to recommend things. why does it make you so angry? who the hell are you, an expert? you are so fatalistic with your suffering doom and gloom... calm down & give someone else a chance to speak with picking a fight!


cee cee - August 7

I am very interested in the idea of Adderall. I have a child with ADHD and another with ADD. As I read up on these, I think I certainly ahve the ADD symptoms. Was wondering if the ADD medicines could lift my fibrofog.



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