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Fibro worse after car accident
4 Replies
Lizzybluts - April 9

Hi, I have been diagnosed for 7 years with fibromyalgia. In 2008 it became so severe and unmanageable, I had to quit my job and now live on a small disability check. My pain has been terrible for years, everyday, all over my body. I have had no quality of life. I did enroll in College at 62 years old to get a degree so I can work from home and get off SSI. My question is regarding a car accident I was in 4 months ago. I was hit on the passenger side but in the rear, causing my body to torque forward and twist. My seat belt did not hold me in place. My right shoulder and upper body twisted, causing a terrible pain run up and down my spine but only lasted for a few moments. I have since found out the pain I felt was my spinal column being twisted and now muscle spasms are a daily occurrence. My fibro seems to be at a much higher level since my accident. I also had a neck injury because of the force I was hit with. I was sitting at a light and was hit by a drunk driver who was speeding. It's been 4 months now and my fibro is so bad I can barely manage to do anything. Have any of you experienced this?


January - April 9

Yes! I had exactly the same kind of accident - got terrible whiplash in my neck, plus back pain. I had to cut way back on working. I got chiropractic treatment, which helped a little - I'm not so sure the adjustments helped, but the heat and electrical stimulation did. It took several years for the neck and back pain to go away. I didn't have a fibro diagnosis at the time - but that accident might have contributed to later back pain and muscle spasms.

I'm so sorry you went through this - I hope you have a good personal injury lawyer because you deserve to be compensated for the pain you're in, and a decent settlement will help you pay for ongoing treatment - don't let anyone tell you whiplash isn't serious! I was young when I was hit by a drunk and I didn't believe in lawsuits, but the insurance company gave me a run-around for well over a year. I had bills to pay! Finally I approached a couple lawyers, but they wouldn't take my case because the person involved had a lot of power and influence. So I stupidly settled for a very small amount which didn't even cover my medical bills, let alone my wrecked car. Please make sure you get a tough lawyer who will take care of everything for you - whiplash can bother you for years. Having that on top of fibromyalgia must be awful, but good treatment can really help. Physical therapy is good, but it is expensive! Please take care of yourself! I hope you get relief from the pain soon.


Lizzybluts - April 9

Hi January,
Thank you for your feedback and good wishes. I know that fibro is often diagnosed after a car accident, especially involving whiplash.
I do have an attorney, but like you, I am dealing with someone who is also very powerful and influential. In fact, when he hit me on New Year's Eve (15 min after the ball dropped) he was drunk and obnoxious. The police officer was going to let him go! He lived in their city, of course. Thank God I called my son who is a Sergeant in the Police Force and he came to the scene. He insisted the officer arrest the guy. He did but the machine you blow into to see how drunk you are was "not working" on the busiest night for drunk drivers. My attorney finds this very convenient. Anyway, he was arrested but it was plead down from drunk driving because of his "age". My life has completely changed since that day. I am in such constant pain there are times I just don't want to go anywhere, see anyone, just sit and not move, hoping the pain will be more tolerable.


JeffreyBrown - May 1

My friend had same kind of accident.


Lizzybluts - May 1

Hi Jeffrey,

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your friend is ok. Since I posted last I found a wonderful integrative medicine MD who introduced me to a product that has helped me recover from whiplash and decrease my fibro discomfort. It believe it was an answer to prayer.

Living with chronic pain is very difficult, but it helps to have support from friends and family.



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