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fibro vs. lyme
3 Replies
rcrchick29 - August 28

Hi, I have been hearing alot about lyme disease being misdiagnoised as fibromyalgia. I have had fibro for a long time and to my knowledge have never been tested for lyme disease, should i ask the doctor to test me. Has anyone else run across this? How common is this? Any input would be helpful.


JJ1 - August 29

A friend of mine who is a veternarian has a bad case of lyme disease that she contracted when growing up in Minnesota. Since coming down with symptoms, she has had to limit her practice to cats and small dogs. She has discovered she passed it in utero to 2 of her 3 kids, one who has severe symptoms. She is very dibilitated, needs a cane to walk and two years ago had a three or four week period when she went blind! she has done a lot of research and sees several specialisits. She thinks there are many people with Lyme that aren't having symptoms (her husband tested positive but has been asymptomatic) or are being diagnosed with other illnesses, fibro being one. I am having trouble finding a doc that will consider this -- they want you to have the telltale tick bite and without that don't seem to want to do testing. I live in the south, so I know the chances are more remote, but I have vacationed frequently in the north and in outdoor hiking/camping situations where I cerntainly could have come in contact with the tick.


skidoo - September 14

Late and Chronic Lyme Disease: Symptom Overlap with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia __________


Robin1237 - September 19

Yes!! My fibro of 25 years turned out to be Lyme disease. I was bit by a tick on my foot in 1981, but didn't have any symptoms at the time. So when muscle pain started slowly, i never tied it to the tick.bite, nor did anyone else, for that matter. I got tested for Lyme at IgeneX lab(, came out positive. Went on clindamycin antibiotic 150 mg 4x/day and within one week, the fibromyalgia pain went to zero. Lyme is a bacteria that affects the nerves and soft tissues. Anyone can email me at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss Lyme disease. Or you can go to Discussion/MedicalQuestions and learn from the 24/7 discussion going on there.



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