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Fibro post pregnancy
18 Replies
MissL - January 23


I haven't been formally diagnosed with fibro; however, the more i read up on this condition, the more i think it's what ive been suffering from. That, or MS. Im going to see an optometrist in a week to have my eyes checked. If anything untoward detected, i will then go to GP.

Since giving birth to two large twins just over a year ago, i have been in constant (daily) pain. Symptoms are so varied, from generalised pins and needles (including genital area), pain in my left eye (no real visual disturbance though), unsteadiness, dizziness, memory loss, severe aches and pains all over my body. My jaw is stiff most of the time (teeth not perfectly aligned), and i am frequently getting tension headaches. I experience excruciating pain on waking in the mornings, and now, the pain does not even diminish as the day goes on. The pain i had immediately post birth in my right wrist has come back with a vengeance. My hands are regularly swollen, and my feet are usually slightly swollen too (i have not returned to my pre pregnancy shoe size). I have only managed to lose a tiny bit of weight, despite exercising every day and watching what i eat. When i exercise, i am absolutely exhausted afterwards. i have pain in my back (like someone is poking a knife near my spinal column) and i have developed a hump in my neck (which is always in pain). Physically it's been a horrid year for me - surprising, as prior to my pregnancy, i had not had cause to see a doctor in about 15 years!! I do know that i was vitamin D deficient in my 20s, but as i wasn't aware of the importance of vitamin D, so i never took supplements. Not one doctor did a blood test on me once i gave birth, and i didnt have the forethought to ask for it. It wasn't until 6 months later, when i couldn't stand the chronic pain anymore, that i demanded my doctor do a full blood count. It came back with the following: WCC normal; Vit D 24 (apparently very low), and recent (she couldnt tell me how recent) exposure to glandular fever. ESR normal. Everything else all within normal parameters. My glands were chronically swollen in the first 6 months post birth, that i even tried accupuncture to relieve the discomfort. I stopped going when the therapist misplaced the needle, and i ended up in excruciating pain for days after. My glands are a bit better now, but still slightly swollen on the left side of my neck. GP even sent me for a chest xray to rule out lymphoma! I never could have imagined that pregnancy could reduce someone to this physical state. Im just at a loss as to what could have caused this. I had a caesarian, and two epidurals! I had the first epi, and was then told no beds available for me or the babies. A day and a half later, i had the second epi. Im convinced having two so close together, and pretty much in the same area of my spine, has caused this. Could it be possible? How long does this condition last? As my symptoms are pretty bad, and i am resisting taking any sort of pain relief. Has anyone else had eye pain (mine is only in my left eye) with their fibro? Im so so scared that its something worse. I want to be around for my children for a long time to come, and the thought of ending up in a wheelchair petrifies me.


January - January 24

Hi Missi, sorry to hear you are feeling so bad! I imagine pregnancy with twins takes a huge toll on the body, as well as the strain of caring for two babies! But you mention you had glandular fever… do you mean Epstein Barr virus? A lot of us have had that!

Acupuncture can be very helpful. It sounds like you got someone who was not very good. It might be worth another try, but make sure you get a good one. I try to find acupuncturists who are also RNs or MDs - I figure they know anatomy better, and will know exactly where to place the needles. There are many things you do to help yourself feel better, but the first thing is to get a good diagnosis. You could have one problem or several going on. This site has a lot of information about various symptoms and how to treat them.

I would suggest you ask your doctor (or another doctor) about your concerns regarding the epidural. Do you feel that started your pain symptoms? Or others? I'm not sure where you live, but in the US, there was a recent problem with cortisone injections - they were contaminated with fungus. Tens of thousands of people got these injections, and some became seriously ill. I doubt that you were given cortisone - but it's possible you had a bad reaction to the medication you got. So check with a doctor. Another idea is to ask for a copy of your medical records and read through them - sometimes lab results come back positive but you aren't told. Sometimes mistakes are made and you don't know.

While things are fresh in your mind, write down all you can remember about how you felt before the pregnancy, what symptoms cropped up, when, and what preceded them (example is the epidural). It's a good idea to keep this journal going day to day. It will help you and your doctor figure things out. Think about any illnesses you had. Any insect bites? You already have one answer, "glandular fever" which I think is Epstein Barr. Some people believe that can hang around for years - but it can be treated with antiviral medication if that is causing your problems. If you had a tick or insect bite (or a bull's eye rash) get evaluated for Lyme and other tick borne illness.

A lot of doctors don't know much about Lyme disease. It is called the Great Imitator because so many other diseases link with it. I read that a number of neurological diseases - like MS, ALS, Parkinson's, etc. - improve when the patient is treated for Lyme. Most doctors don't think to look for it, but it is spreading rapidly - possibly ticks are being carried on migrating birds and dropping off wherever. Some people think Lyme is the cause of many fibromyalgia cases. Lyme is hard to diagnose. If you have it, you need to treat it sooner not later. The disease occurs throughout the US, Canada and Europe. I'm not sure about other areas. There's a good documentary online called "Under Our Skin." There is also a good book you can google by Dr. Joseph Burrascano. It is full of information and has a few pages of symptoms - you might want to print those out and see if they apply to you. Some of the things you mentioned above were on his list of symptoms. (You will also find negative information about Burrascano online. The govt. took his license away - for his aggressive methods of treating people with chronic Lyme - even though he had a court room full of people who said he had cured them. This is covered in the documentary. So there is a political component to this and a lot Lyme doctors have gone underground. You need to find a Lyme Literate doctor (LLMD) to treat Lyme successfully. There are forums online with helpful people if you feel this disease might apply to you.

But there are many things you need to be evaluated for - the best thing you can do is take a thorough list of your symptoms to a good diagnostic doctor. You may have to try several until you get one who will work with you. There are also some fibromyalgia doctors who have written books or who work online with patients. One doctor, Jacob Teitelbaum, has fibro himself. His book is From Fatigued to Fantastic. Some people like the book Fibromyalgia for Dummies. Some people think fibromyalgia is incurable, and maybe in some cases it is. But I have worked hard, done my research, and tried lots of drugs, supplements, massages, acupuncture, diet changes, etc. and I AM BETTER! So, even though you feel horrible, please don't give up. Try to get as much rest as you can, take your vitamins, eat healthy food and work with a medical person to see if there are some supplements that might help you. You might see if you have developed food allergies also - they can cause some very strange symptoms. You can search for topics by putting any word into the blue search box on the right - conversations will come up. We are all different here, so different things work for different people. You just have to keep plugging to find the right answer for YOU.

I've been on this site a couple years, and have researched a lot of different conditions that lead to a fibromyalgia diagnosis. Fibro is not a specific disease, it's a collection of symptoms called a "syndrome," a dumping ground where they put people with unexplained pain and fatigue. Understand that the fibro label will mean some doctors will assume you are mentally ill. If you have depression, and you might, that can be treated by a decent therapist - the drugs do not solve a thing, and should be reserved for people who are really out of touch with reality. But, if you get the fibro label, doctors will treat you with antidepressant medications or anticonvulsants. Before you take the standard fibro drugs, know that they come with heavy side effects and interactions so research them well. They don't work for everyone - and for some of us, they make us worse. They are highly addictive and hard to quit. There is a doctor who has a lot to say about the SNRI and SSRI drugs and the damage they do. His name is Peter Breggin, MD - and his book "Your Drug May Be Your Problem" was what inspired me to quit taking fibro drugs. Guess what. I got better. But withdrawing from the drugs was a nightmare, and I don't recommend anyone do it without medical supervision. I wish I had never taken them, and will never touch another one. But that was me. There are some people who claim the drugs work for them. I still take some very low dose meds, but they are very old ones, not the newer drugs. So we each have to find what works for our specific problems.

The above is just my opinion, and info I have learned from trying to get myself well. I advise you to find a medical person you like and work closely with that person to tailor a regimen to help you get better. And learn all you can! YOU are the one with the most interest in your case. Doctors are busy and you can't depend on them to know everything about your situation - some are very open to patients who do their own research and bring in printouts. Please come back and let us know how you are doing. I know how awful you must feel right now with your pain and brain fog, but please don't get discouraged because you can get better. Wishing you the best. (Sorry this is so long, I gave you a lot of info. If you don't feel up to it, maybe your husband or a family member can do some online research for you.)


MissL - January 24

Hi January,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to write. I don't know much about Lyme's disease. I live in Australia, but i remember it being covered in a 60 minutes segment last year. To be honest, i didn't pay it much attention, as i didn't think it would ever relate to me. But i will definitely do some research on it.

My pain/symptoms started about 4 weeks after my caesarian. Prior to that, i was as healthy as an ox. No problems at all with ambulation. No other health conditions at all. I learned about the glandular fever (EPV) diagnosis about 6 months post partum. The fact that my vitamin D levels were so low for so long im sure did not help me. I also had the flu. So i was just generally run down for a few months during Winter, but the pain (esp morning pain) has persisted. But the doctors never ran a blood test, telling me to drink tea instead, or just take paracetamol! So i had no idea what my bloods were like for a very long time after my pregnancy. When i did have a proper blood test, most things came back as normal, except the vitamin D, and EBV markers. My doctors have not explained to me what lingering symptoms i might have from the EBV, instead i have had to get online to try and find out. From the many months of reading i have done, my symptoms so closely resemble CFS and FM, which i believe are common after a bout of glandular fever. Im also finding articles about many women who develop FM symptoms after a caesarian. Now i wish i had said no to the second epidural, and just given birth under a general anaesthetic. As things could have been different for me now.But then again, it could be a result of the EBV. I have no idea.

I'm slightly short sighted in my left eye, and have resisted wearing glasses to date. But yesterday my eye started to hurt. No changes in vision, just feeling tired. Ive been at the computer for hours each day for study, and i think its caught up with me. But ive been meaning to schedule an eye check for some time anyway, given i have a lot of study coming up this year, so i've got an appointment for Saturday week. Im just crossing my fingers that there is no damage detected in my optic nerve, as im so scared that it might be MS, given my other symptoms. For the sake of my children, i'd take the chronic pain of FM or CFS any day. My mum suffered from arthritis (RA?) for years; so i know it is possible to lead a decent life, even if it's marred by pain. She just took it slowly, and maintained a happy disposition. So im hoping its "just" CFS or FM. Only time will tell i guess. But as a friend said today, it's better i get a thorough medical review then always wonder and have things potentially get worse.


January - February 3

Hi Missi -- Just checking in here tonight. Wondering how your appointment went? I have found over the years that my chronic fatigue symptoms (and other symptoms too!) got better when I took antibiotics or antivirals for a while. That indicates to me that I must have had flare ups of some kind of bacterial or viral illness, so it's worth getting good screenings for these diseases, but you may have to argue for the testing!


MissL - February 3

Hi January,

I went and had my eyes tested - turns out i need glasses, as im farsighted in my left eye (the eye that's been hurting for the past week). My optic nerve, macula and retina are apparently "perfect". GP laughed at me when i suggested MS. My symptoms come and go, and i am convinced that i have fibro or (neuro)sarcoidosis - i can tick off pretty much all of their symptoms. I've also had a rash on the front part of my shins and lower legs three times in the past year (a classic sign of sarcoidosis i believe). Something is up, but the GP is treating me as if im just stressed because my bloods come back fine each time (except the vit D). I feel pain, not stress though. He initially refused an MRI saying i dont have MS. But he's relented, and as long as i pay for it ($825.00 out of our own pockets, i can get a brain/spinal mri done - annoying, because, as he doesn't think anything is wrong with me, i have to personally pay - in Australia healthcare is free if a dr sends you for a scan. But because i want it done, i have to pay for it myself). Even if i dont have anything detected, i still think a scan will be great because then i can go to a rheumatologist and say scan is NAD, bloods generally NAD, so what do you think it is. Ive done a lot of soul searching the past week, and made my peace with whatever it could be. Id be happy with "just" fibro or CFS even sarcoidosis. However, if it is MS, i'll be ok with that too. I'll just need to keep to my healthy diet and not get too stressed out. MRI set for 6 March - im trying not to think about it too much. I've read up on what's involved with an mri scan, so im prepared mentally for it. I can only pray that things will turn out fine. But im at a point where i just want to find out what's wrong. The not knowing is worse i think than being told something is wrong. :)


January - February 5

Hi MissL - In my long experience with many doctors, I found that a lot of them did not take me seriously. They didn't have time, or perhaps they didn't care. You just have to keep looking for someone to work with you, so I commend you for being stubborn.

I had an MRI, at my own request - I got a SITTING MRI - which (at last) perfectly showed the many spinal problems causing my pain - none of which had shown up on the previous scans my doctor sent me for, mostly CAT scans. The MRI was simple - you just sit there. If you get a brain MRI, you might ask them to check you for Lyme lesions also.

Did you know rashes and eye problems go along with Lyme Disease? I've recently been researching Lyme - which is very controversial and has a lot of conflicting information. There is a 90-minute documentary on You Tube called Under Our Skin - very informative. Also, google Dr. Joseph Burrascano, he has a book available free online. (Yes, Lyme is politicized in the US, and Burrascano lost his license for aggressively treating Lyme, even though he had a courtroom full of people who said he cured them. So make your mind up what you think.) One of the chapters in his book has a list of Lyme Disease symptoms (my, they sound familiar!) You might want to have a look and see if it applies to you. Lyme is a worldwide, and growing epidemic. It is very hard to diagnose by blood tests. It is transmitted by ticks, but perhaps by other insects as well, along with up to 30 other tick borne illnesses (most of these can be treated with antibiotics). Lyme is often confused with other neurological or autoimmune diseases, including fibromyalgia - just suggest this as something for you to check into. There are antibiotic treatments available for Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses - and if you get treated in time, they can cure you. If Lyme goes untreated for many years, you can get very sick and die. The problem is finding a doctor who knows about Lyme - they are called "Lyme literate MDs" or LLMD's - and you may have to contact a Lyme association to find one. From what I've read it's kind of useless to rely on a regular MD, Lyme is just too complicated. There are sites online that will help.

It sounds like you are doing a great job of pushing for diagnostic testing - which is the key. Leave no stone unturned, you might find something that is treatable! In my opinion, fibromyalgia is just an easy dumping ground for people who have pain and fatigue - a place where you go that is hopeless. Fibro is a "syndrome" (not even a clearly defined disease with a diagnostic test or a clear clinical picture) - fibromyalgia is a place where you go that is "incurable" - they put you on (very profitable) antidepressants which, in my opinion, don't help much, and over time may possibly cause brain damage. Dr. Peter Breggin has some very interesting books out on this subject and he has a Facebook page also.

Wishing you lots of luck in your journey. Eat healthy, keep your immune system strong, and keep doing your own research. Let us know how you're doing - and please share any helpful hints you come across! I hope you find something to cure whatever is wrong. : )


January - February 5

PS. Talk about needing glasses! I swear your name was "missi" but tonight I can read it correctly! Sorry for the error!


MissL - February 5

lol Im definitely too old to be a Missi, perhaps even too old for Miss. :o) There's a wonderful text written by a former Philosophy lecturer of mine called, "Women, Madness and Medicine", by Denise Russell. I've just dug it out, and will re-read for the first time in 16 years! In it Russell looks at how women have traditionally been viewed, and treated (poorly), by the medical establishment. It's brilliant. But i've had cause to think about these lectures, that i took almost 2 decades ago, quite a bit in recent times, and have to smile wryly when i see (currently as a patient, and as a former registered nurse myself) that when it comes to the medical treatment of women, not a whole lot has changed. You're right. I think many drs are quick to just dole out the anti-depressants which i find quite offensive. It really is a matter of keeping on until you find a dr who you can work with. It's a problem though when what's on offer for hundreds of miles around is slim pickings :O)


January - February 10

Wow, another oldie but goodie, hey? I remember hearing about that book, but did not read it. I believe I know the general idea though… it is probably why most of the people with "fibromyalgia" are female! LOL! I meet men who have all the "fibro symptoms" but they rarely get the "fibro" diagnosis - instead it's "neuropathy" or something physically based.

A medical education puts you ahead of the game - you can research and understand what you read. I managed to diagnose several of my own problems, and treating them helped me feel better. I've researched, and now take, quite a lot of supplements. There are a lot of diseases that have symptoms similar to fibro - and I'd suggest that you really check those other diseases, because some of them can be treated, while fibro supposedly can't. You just get dosed with antidepressants or anticonvulsants.

I'm also very glad that, after years of just trusting doctors and taking the antidepressants they threw at me for "fibro," I started researching drugs. Dr. Peter Breggin's book Your Drug May Be Your Problem opened my eyes! I quit the antidepressants, and while withdrawals were extremely difficult and lengthy, once I got them out of my system, a lot of my symptoms resolved. I'm very angry that I had a doctor who, in spite of my very bad reactions to the many drugs he threw at me, always increased but never lowered a dosage, and never said I shouldn't be taking those drugs. Now I read about corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and how some doctors get incentives to prescribe more and more. In my opinion I was the victim of malpractice. I am very thankful I came to my senses and was able to get off those drugs. A lot of people cannot stop once they start.

I hope you can find an explanation for what your symptoms are - and hopefully treat them and get better. Since you have had rashes, that makes me wonder if you might have an infectious process going on. Some infections (like spirochetes of Lyme) are very hard to diagnose with blood tests. Lyme can cause weird rashes too. When is your MRI scheduled for?


MissL - February 10

Tests set for early March.

There absolutely is corruption in the pharma industry. When i used to attend meetings regarding specific medications, we were outright told to not disclose to consumers certain serious side effects (like crumbling bone!) - they're justification when i questioned that? happens in only a small percentage of people, that the good (that the medication does) outweighs the bad. It was disgusting. I fought and fought, got nowhere, so eventually left that employment. When there is a LOT of money involved, many eyes are averted to the truth of possible side effects. The thing is, most doctors have no clue - they can only go off the deceitful patient information leaflets you get with the meds. A lot of meds are helpful, but there are so many issues with lack of full disclosure by the pharma industry re side effects.


January - February 16

Hi Miss L. It is shocking to hear that you were actually told not to inform patients about adverse side effects - but of course, I know it happens! It's good that we have internet forums, otherwise most people would never suspect!

I certainly had a LOT of medication side effects years ago when I was taking a lot of different meds for different things. I kept complaining about how awful I felt, running from doctor to doctor. They just wanted to add more meds. I am so thankful I wised up and started talking with my pharmacist and researching drugs online. That was how I found out a lot of my symptoms were coming from medications and interactions. I was really victimized by a certain doctor who just kept slamming me with antidepressants - they were making me seriously ill. His response to my increasing complaints was to give me higher doses - or to change the drugs. What a horrific merry go round that was, and that is why I do all I can to educate people about the dangers. Maybe everyone doesn't have these problems with antidepressants - but I see a lot of people around me who get worse instead of better the longer they take them.

Antibiotics also seem to have strange side effects, including joint pain, fatigue and skin problems. Nobody tells you - then you wind up being treated for extra diseases, when really you are just experiencing side effects that will go away once the drug is out of your system. Everyone should be using the online search engines to read up on whatever drugs they are taking! As you said, the doctors are NOT informed, so it's up to us! I'm very grateful for the online forums because I think they also inform the general public of side effects that the drug companies have not yet been forced to put on their warning lists. It's helpful to google the name of a drug + lawsuit - and see what people are complaining about!


MissL - March 4

Hi January,

Thought i'd quickly check in and provide an update. Recently had my MRI of brain and spine. All checked out fine. Relieved, but no better off with dealing with my symptoms. May just be that i'm one of those unfortunate people who suffers from debilitating migraines (including ice pick headaches, which are truly awful, painful things) including my other pain symptoms. Not sure where to from here...


January - March 13

Hi MissL -- been a crazy few weeks here, just saw your note. I'm glad your MRI came back fine. If you have any questions, you could always get it checked over by someone else, for a second opinion. At least it's one thing you can check off the list - it's not a spinal misalignment or herniated disks. That's good, because the one thing I have NOT been able to get much relief from is my back pain due to old back injuries and spinal problems. I think that is rather encouraging that your MRI is clear!

It's late and I'm tired - and I probably mentioned food allergies and celiac disease. Celiac disease causes severe pain in some people, including migraines. The only treatment is a gluten free diet. The blood test is not always accurate - but you might request a panel to check for gluten intolerance/celiac. Don't let them talk you into an intestinal biopsy - they are not always accurate either. There is a test available through LabCorp that tests for about 90 different food allergies - I don't know how good it is, but you might want to check on that if you suspect food allergies - they can have very weird effects sometimes.

Gluten free is a pretty healthy diet, and helps a lot of fibro people - the hardest part is learning it. I just started reading about an interesting approach to neuropsychiatric problems today - a GAPS diet. Google it.

I went gluten free - strictly. It took about a year. I had to learn the diet, and had a few slip-ups. But after a year, the muscle/body aches were definitely better, and the migraines dropped to rare occurrences. LIfelong depression got better too. Remember fibro is a "syndrome," not a specific disease - and there are a lot of different subtypes in the fibro category - with different causes. Doctors don't seem to have time to adequately diagnose us. So you will have to do that. Figure out what's wrong. Good diagnosis is the basic step that everything else relies on. If you can find out what the problem is, you might be able to treat it and feel much better!

How have you been feeling lately?


jordanmakenzie - August 22

You have fibromyalgia. I came down with it after having my daughter 13 years ago. Why? Who knows. Hopefully someone figures it out in my life time. tired of suffering


MissL - August 23

Hi jordanmakenzie,

I hope you find relief with your pain soon :( I am absolutely convinced the stress of a pregnancy and/or having a ceaser (not sure if the latter applies to you) can trigger fibro symptoms, especially for women who have an epidural. As i mentioned previously, i was absolutely fine prior to pregnancy. Never went to a doctor, as i was never ever ill. Always within a healthy weight range. Then after my ceaser, wham, pain for that first year in particular - everywhere except my abdomen area (where you would expect pain after surgery). I also started scarring quite badly, getting keloids, which i had never previously suffered. I have definitely gotten better in the past 6 months tough.

I don't know if you do any of the following, but ive found them all to have worked (i would say about 95% of my pain has gone in the past 6+ months):

* vitmain D supplements (i take 5000iu/day in Winter, 3000iu/day during Summer) - at last checkup, my levels had gone from 24 to 99! Energy levels have improved greatly.

* turmeric supplement daily

* ive upped my intake of healthy oils (something i had cut out for years) - macadamia, olive, walnut, grapeseed, coconut (i just alternate them between meals)

* ive persisted with the stubborn weight loss - INCREDIBLY slow (46 pounds in one year - exactly half way to goal weight), and seem to have plateaued for the past 2 months...i am now officially just overweight! :)

* cut out all sugar (use coconut palm sugar, rice malt syrup, stevia instead) - and over time the sugar cravings have diminished

* tend to eat homemade most of the time

* organic when we can

* have tried to reduce the stress (as i find it worsens my symptoms) in my life by reading, relaxing, not taking for granted what i have, letting go of anger (ive had some pretty hurtful/awful experiences over the past few years which were not helping me at all, so i worked on letting go of all that negative emotion (still working on it though), staying away from toxic family/friends), listening to music again!

* i recently read that coffee can keep your estrogen levels elevated (which is not good for the body, can prevent you losing weight (due to increased cortisol levels), or fibro symptoms) - i am a huge coffee drinker, so now only have one cup at lunch when the kids are napping - my little indulgence.

I wish you well, and hope you find these suggestions of some use. It's not easy living with pain that can't be scanned or blood tested for. But i really do look back on this past year and a half in my life and see the fibro symptoms as a blessing. Crazy i know, and i in no way want to sound airy-fairy or condescending. But i know that, despite feeling healthy prior to pregnancy, there were clearly tweaks i needed to make in my health, which i wouldn't have, had it not been for the pain post pregnancy. It wasnt enough that i was a non drinker and non smoker. My diet needed major improving. I really do believe it is a condition that is reflective of a whole lot of stuff going on in our bodies and lives. The best thing i did was tackle this thing holistically.


jordanmakenzie - August 23

I do alot of those things already. I found a clinic in cleveland, ohio that specializes in fibro. Hey, spent over $6000.00 to go there. They took 18 or 20 different blood samples. They found a virus/infection. So what you were talking about before sounds right. I think fibro has to do with having a virus/infection in our Nervous system. This which causes all kinds of symptoms. At first i thought it was hormone imbalance. Since mostly woman get fibro. Now I'm leaning to the virus/infection. Why can't doctors see this? My next step is to find an infectious specialist doctor maybe?


sarahtracey143 - September 1

hello all! thank you very much for all of your messages on this forum. i have been actively searching for information like this since having my second daughter in January. i have not been formally diagnosed with fibro as well but everyday i wake up in unexplainable agony i feel i am leaning more and more to this diagnosis. i have always had back pain and mild body aches which probably started around the time i had my first daughter but nothing like this. it all started in my fee;the heels to be specific. i thought i was just getting too heavy, as i did put on quite a bit of weight during and a little before the pregnancy, so i bought a nice fluffy pair of slippers to wear throughout. but the pain only increased. soon it was numbness and pins and needles all the way up through my toes and up into my ankles. the pain also began to travel up into my back and hips, which i only attributed to the pregnancy, who wouldnt with all the changes your body is going through. but then after being induced in january a week n a half past my due date, i thought the pain would all subsided. i was so wrong. i asked my ob, he was dumb founded by the pain i was having in my feet. so i was sent to the pediotrist, and given the diagnosis of 'tarsal tunnel syndrome'. seemed to make sense that there was some sort of compression of a nerve with all the pain i was in and the pin and needle feeling, however after wearing the orthotics in my shoes he provided me with i suddenly had stress fractures around my toe area...??? cool. after having to be off my feet completely for 2 months to allow the fractures to heel they were started to feel better until i started walked again. then we started, the drugs for the pain :/ tramadol 50 mg every 4 hours as needed. well that WAS needed EVERY 4 hours! the pain was and is so severe i had to call and ask if i could take two! after being on them for a few weeks while waiting for my EKG they stopped helping completely and he even refused to prescribe them for me anyway, said i needed to go to pain management if i was finally in that much pain. HUMPH! FINE THEN I WILL! so then we did coritsone injections with no response and after that he said surgery. i disagreed and went to my ortho for a second opinion and he agreed. he said he would absolutely not do the surgery, in his opinion, my feet were perfectly healthy. he did not think this was tarsal tunnel. he said because of the other issues i was already having he believes this to be a chronic pain condition, and suggested neurontin for the nerve pain.

so heres where im at now. working with my primary care doctor to manage my pain. currently taking, 600 mg neurtonin 3 times daily for foot, back and shoulder pain and numbness/tingling. 100 mg topamax daily for headaches. 150 mg raniditine 2 times daily for stomach pains which we now believe to be IBS. and 10/500 lortab for break through pain, 2 times daily as needed which of course is ALWAYS TWICE DAILY...

my other symptoms have begun to include memory loss and slurred speech or constantly switching up my words. becoming a bit dyslexic when i speak. not sure if that a symptom or drug reaction. ...shit brain fart, ummmmmm oh yeah also begun to have right outer hip pain and excruciating lower back pain about a week and a half ago when my neurtontin was increased, again not sure if symptom or drug reaction. but dct didnt seem too concerned since she just increased it again yesterday. i have also been suffering from anxiety and depression for many years but since all this started i cant help but cry every day. i just cant seem to get a grip. and my aggression has seemed to have spiraled out of control. i seem to remember asking my daughter out of the kitchen to her room and close the door the other day after spilling a bowl of eggs everywhere so i could through a chair across the room with out her seeing me. i feel me losing control more and more everyday. i just cant help it, when your in pain like this and nothing even takes the edge off, you start to get a little irritable. and a little is certainly an understatement. the depression is certainly getting worse as well but i refuse to take any ssri's after having seritonin syndrone sometime two years ago while taking prozac. ive never reacted well to antidepressants and i have probably tried them all anyways with no positive results to any.

i seem to be at a loss and so does my doctor. shes sending me back to a new pod. to see if he has any ideas on whats wrong with my feet and if not then it seems shes going to them finally send me to pain management so i can finally get my pain to a tolerable level while we try a figure out whats going on. i havent had any blood work or mri's. no scans or tests or anything. im very lost and very confused. i know my mother suggest fibro and lyme's. what else could this be!?!? please help!!!

p.s sorry for any typos or illiteracy that just seems to be how my brain works now a days.



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