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Fibro or stress?
4 Replies
adam12 - March 23

Hi. I'm a 44 year old man with what I imagine is osteoarthritis in some joints of right hand but also in both of y big toe joints (very annoying!). However, I've had muscle twitches/spasms for about 3 years and have corresponding tender spots in7 sites. I know that you're meant to have 11 but it strikes me there must be something going on here. Additionally, my 'core' muscles (lower back, loins, external obliques etc) are always tight and sore irrespective of how much stretching I do. Does any of this sound like Fibro or is it just stress?

Yours gratefully

Adam White


JJ1 - March 23

It sounds like it could be fibromyalgia. You should see a rheumatologist to rule out other possibilities and for a diagnosis. I do not and never had 11 tenderpoints yet I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My doctor told me that the 11 tenderpoints were established as a means to identify candidates for clinical trials but that not all sufferers have them.


Jean Taylor - March 24

I have all 18 points but they came on gradually over a five year period. I would think you could be in the development stage. My daughter has it and went through the same thing. That's one reason it takes so long to get diagnosed! In my case, it was several surgeries over those years - my first. They say it's the trauma of surgery but I think it's the anaesthesia because I get very sick after major dental work with Nitro. I've also got mucho stress in my life and every time something is added to the pile - it worsens. They say exercise is so important but I was incapacitated by the time I got diagnosed and ANY exercise knocks me out for days in crippling pain. If you can, start an exercise regimen now. They say even if you start with 5 minutes and then work up - it's best! Good Luck.


adam12 - March 24

Tanks for taking time out guys. Appreciated.



teresat - March 24

Adam, I have 18 & then some!!! It seem that there is always something NEW with this illness! Have you ever seen a DR for this? If not, I agree with JJ, you should see a DR about this. If you can't get an appointment with a rheumatologist, then see a GP & get a referral. It could be a flare, stress or both! I hope this helps!



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