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Fibro or not?
2 Replies
sayamyb - January 14

I was in a car accident 4 months ago, not a bad one, but enough to get whiplash and a lower back injury. I have been getting PT 3 days a week, I see a pain specialist and have had 3 SI injections, I saw a chiro a few times and he mentioned if the pain didn't get better I could get fibro. I have been getting new symptoms it seems like daily/weekly.

Here is a list of my symptoms:
muscle pain in my back, hips, side of thighs
tingling and burning sensation in my hands, arms, wrists, legs, hips, feet.
red eyes
can't sleep
stomach issues
muscle spasms
chest pain near my left shoulder
trouble with concentrating/talking- say the wrong words/ type- the wrong letter and words

My PT did some pressure points on my back yesterday and when she pushed on them they burned really bad, at my doctors office 10 days ago, he pressured pointed my lower back, hips and outer thighs and I was in agony, it hurt so bad and the burning unbelievable. He said if I didn't see a dramatic improvement then this Thursday he would do some trigger point injections.

I am scared I am only 38 and feel like I am getting worse every day. I am now walking like a 85 year old woman does, real slow. The doctor's office ordered me a TENS machine and it does help some with the pain in my legs, hips and lower back.

Does it sound like I could have this? My cousin has it and she is 35.

Thank you for any help you can give me.



JJ1 - January 14

Many people have had the onset of fibromyalgia symptoms following a car accident. Physical and/or emotional stresses seem to be triggers.


llcsmom - January 14

Hi Amy,

Most people recommend that you see a rheumatologist if you can, for a diagnosis.
Of course, all of your symptoms sound like it's FM, but it helps if you can see a doctor that works with FM patients.

My daughter is 11 and had symptoms for 2 years before the FM diagnosis at 101/2 years old. When she describes some of her pain, she sometimes uses phrases like, burning or broken glass pain. She gets painful tingling, too. Headaches, abdominal pain, eye pain, and FATIGUE! She usues a TENS unit on bad days on her back--even can go to school with it on. We also have tried accupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, and very basic yoga and PT.
This site and others on the internet are great for information and communicating with others involved with FM.



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