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Fibro/MS or something different
3 Replies
lfc1 - October 6

this is rather a long post and i apologise in advance for this but after 2.5 years of problems i feel like i am still chasing my tail to find an answer
Prior to Feb 05 i regarded myself as fit and well as i excercised 3 times per week and had done for 10 years or so. Approximately 6-8 months before Feb 05 and only after looking back i realise i was beginning to feel more tired than usual after my excercise and the inside of both elbows were becomming noticabley sore. I must also say that since my early twenties(now 40) my legs would be prone to stiffness and soreness after Gardening/DIY etc and this was becomming more prevelant.
In FEB 05 i started to wake in the night with PINS NEEDLES in little finger and next finger of right hand.
GP did some blood tests but came back OK.
March 05 weird sensation in right shin also right arm. Went to see neuro on GP advice. Told no sign of sisnister disease will clear up.
April 05 right arm shoulder developed weakness tremor creept crawley sensations all over body under skin resuting in muscle twitches cramps in arches of feet. Vibration /buzzing sensations in both legs hip to toe.(this sensation lasted approximately 8-9 months )
Neuro did MRI OF HEAD NECK IN jUNE 05(paid privately as bottle gone at this stage). Result normal.
Things continued to get worse and have done to date: light headedness, concentration problems, fatigue, burning under skin, sore stiff back /hips/feet/ankles/shoulders/neck fingers twitching muscles buzzing sensations muscle stiffness cold feet / hands eye pain/mild blurry vision/floaters, creaking/popping joints and PAIN etc etc
GP did lower back MRI JAN 06 normal
Second opinion MS specialist Jan 06 said physical test normal asked for LP which showed systemmic inflammation of spinal fluid,(no oligiclonal bandsas found in some people with MS) bloods taken at same time raised therefore told possible virus
things showed no signsof improvement kept going back to neuro and passing all physical tests ie pin prick refles etc etc
Paid for 2nd MRI OF HEAD NECK Feb 07 = normal result neuro suggested see rhuemotologist doesnt think MS.
Can anyone say if these symptoms sound familiar in fibro. I realise some do but the buzzing realy freaks me out and to date can not find it mentioned as a symptom of fibro
Any help or advice would be very very welcome and appreciated as i feel i can not talk to my GP anymore and my neuro has said he has gone as far as he can.


islandguy - October 11

Hi lfc1:
I see that it has become frustrating for you as it has for most of us when we go back to the dr and they roll their eyes at you because they have become helpless. I also see that you have had a few doctors and specialists and MRI's etc. In your blood work has anyone checked you for Vitamin B12 deficiency? I say that because of the tingling in your hands and feet. I have recently had a conversation with my pain dr. about B12 and he told me this is one of the signs.
Check out a website and see if it fits your problems.
Of course the symptoms you have listed mimic some of the symptoms for fibro. But they don't seem to fit too closely.
It would seem to be that you have someother problems. Systemmic inflammation of spinal fluid would be a concern for me and you may want to continue with that path.
Best of luck to you, surround yourself with positive things, because we all care...


Amyloo - October 11

Hi lfc1; Question: when you say your mri results are normal, have you actually SEEN the radiologist's report? The reason I ask is that I am going through testing for MS right now. I had mri last nov., and my first neuro said "well, you have a few lesions but those are from your migraines". I don't have migraines. Got my hands on the report and it actually says "demylenating process" which is never a good thing. Just had second mri done and that neuro said "normal". I asked to see the report and he said "well, there is something in there that I don't agree with" . Here's what the radiologist states in my second report: "the lesions are bigger, there are more, and it is indicative of MS if clinical data backs it up." Bottom line: go to an MS specialist. Get copies of all your films, mri reports, etc. before you go. I cannot say why the neuros don't take the statements "lesions on brain" and "more lesions on brain since last mri" seriously when someone is having CNS problems. Don't know if this is the case with you, but worth a check. God bless you, amy


SarahO. - October 28

It could be what island suggested but check out Lyme disease too at Check out everything and find out what you have!!!!!!!!!!!! And get better*)! (Lyme is often blood and spinal negative btw)

HERE- re Lyme & MS- check out the visual at this addy- just scroll down and LOOK!!!

LOOK!! That's a good Lyme site there too- and there are others-
Take care,
Best wishes,



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