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Fibro & Interstitial cystitis
2 Replies
DisgustedInGeorgia - September 27

Hello All :)
If someone has already got a thread in regards to this topic, I apologize ahead of time for posting a duplicate.
I'm a fibro patient who was moving along the best I could, until something weird started this past Jan. 2009. I began having some bladder (basically incontience), and pelvic pain. After several trips to the doctor, they determined that it was indeed interstial cystious. This has been absolutly horrible combined with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

I've been taking the drug Elmiron to try to help this problem, but I can only tell maybe a 15% improvement.

I wondered if anybody else has been diagnosed with this disease in conjunction with Fibromyalgia? If so, what treatments have helped you if any?



axxie - September 28

Hey there disgusted in Ga,

ICPBS the uninary bladder disease of unknown cause.... the urgency and frequency some same it's primary part of people who have diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases.

It's painful, overactive bladder and you loose the sense of bladder movement. I have the same and isn't going away. I have already had medication and we are at coping with it as much as possible no citrus foods or beverages no teas, or coffee, pop, alcohol and vinegar and chocolate and the strawberries no MSG and above all no nitrates.

I try to keep all those foods away from me, but sometimes a girl can't stay away from strawberries chocolates.

I know what you are going through


FibroGal - September 28

Did they scope you? I have IC, too. I was on Elmiron for a year and I believe it did help. But, yeah, there are things that aggravate it. Stress tops the list. I have pain and urgency, especially during the night and I wake up with it every few hours. It's the worst first thing in the morning. Then I go and pee like maybe only a 1/2 cup or something, and I think, "It woke me up for this??"



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