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Fibro in men
5 Replies
MTMFDiver - March 11

I know that FMS isn't very common but I had a few questions none the less. My family isn't really batting 1000 when it comes to FMS. My sister, mother and other women in my extended family have it. I have reoccurring neck and shoulder pain along with IBS which this site was a symptom. My neurologist says the pain in my neck is de to 3 major muscle groups in my neck tightening around a cluster of nerves which causes migraines, weakness in my right arm and facial drooping. Any insight from people with experience in this mater would be greatly appreciated.


tnichel - March 11

yes. That's where the majority of my pain is. I get lidocaine shots in the neck and shoulders to break up the knots. You're muscles are more than likely in knots. I didn't know they were there until I got diagnosed with fms and started looking into trigger points. You may want to research that.

Applying heat really helps. You can get a bed buddy from walgreens. Invest in chair/or all over massager. Hot baths are good too. It took going to a chiropractor, physical therapy, and finally a pain doc. to get it under control. I take tramadol daily.

Also if you sit at a desk all day, make sure your work station is ergonomic including your keyboard and mouse. The monitor should be level. If not, slide a phonebook under it to get it to the right letter. It worked so well for me my coworkers started copying me. lol. Pain patches from the dollar store (any work but this is less expensive) work well too.

If you can afford massages that's great too. I take topiramate for the migraines. Ask your doctor about it. Most of the time though I can massage my neck muscles to alleviate some of the pain. Do you have tmj? That could be causing a lot of your pain too. Look for a trigger point chart online to see the locations that are likely causing so much trouble.


Duo - March 11

My probs started mainly with neck and shoulder pain when I was in my early twenties. Now some thirty years on and having widespread pain in face, neck, shoulders,chest, hands, lower back, legs and feet I have been diagnosed with FMS. I've had surgery on both shoulders and a recent fundoplication operation for GERD and also have IBS and blurred vision (and in the last couple of weeks high B.P.). The list is quite endless as all FMS sufferers know, however, my consultant said that it was a question a a "paper chase" of your medical history that was the best way of diagnosis (we must all have felled a woodland each the amount of paper in our medical file !) I think it is a good idea to actually write everything down that you are experiencing - for e.g. I hadn't realised why, every time I was in sunlight or went outside and saw the brightness of the snow, I sneezed all the time - sensitivity being a symptom. Some would say there could be a connection in families. There is no one in my family with FMS but strangely I have two sisters; one with M.S. and one with Cerebellar disease (devastating - so you can imagine I don't like to complain too much) Our Mam died from an extremely rare condition and all these are connected to the central nervous system. After two years of seeing just about every Consultant in the hospital my sister with Cerebellar disease has been told that there is probably a famillial connection. Sorry this is so long winded but I urge you to "keep at your G.P." until you get answers.

Good luck to you and your family


Noca - March 11

I am male and have FMS as well as IBS. I have to watch what I eat. For neck/shoulder pain I use a combination of opioids and Thermacare heatwraps if it gets bad. Rarely have migraines though, lucky in that regard. I've also found the occasional Clonazepam to be great for tense muscle pain as it just relaxes the whole body. Hope this helps.


Canada17 - March 12

I think hormones are the reason that Fibro rates are higher in women than in men and also the reason why we experience our symptoms differently.

I don't know much about Fibro in men but I am sure it is just as life-altering as it is in women. I hope you have a good doctor who takes you seriously and friends who can offer you support.

Just remember you aren't in this alone, we are all here for you. :)


mdevore3 - March 13

I have 2 aunts that both have FMS as I do. Besides genetics we all had injuries to our necks. My muscles are always tight in my neck and shoulders. I get numbness in my face, pain in my arms and hands, pain in my feet. All of the pain is mostly accompanied by burning. I take a muscle relaxer

I have IBS, Vit. D deficiency, anemia, etc etc etc. I could go on forever. I would suggest the blood test for Vit. D deficiency.

Hang in there!



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