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Fibro Fog
15 Replies
mypain - October 25

Hi Axxie, has been a while since I have been on...

I have a general question...In the last 10 months my mother passed away and I have acquired my sister who has MS. So my stress level has been a little high. I started noticing about two years ago that my memory is nothing compared to what it use to be, and recently, I cannot even remember a conversation that I had Saturday. I can remember the act, but not much of what was said...

This is scarier to me then the pain I go thru and will continue to go thru. I have to write everything down, I mean everything, I can't walk into another room without forgetting why I went there to begin with.

How many of you are experiencing the same? Where does this go from here if it is so bad now?


Noca - October 26

This issue is addressed in the Standford university video on fibromyalgia that I had posted a few pages back. I suggest you watch it.

Go to youtube and search for "An Update on Fibromyalgia"

It's the first video. It's about an hour in length and will discuss the science behind our fibro symptoms.

I have fibro-fog too as well as ADHD-I


mypain - October 26

Thank you noca...


axxie - October 26

Welcome back, my dear, it's been a stressful time for you. First your mom and then having your sister live with you and that she has MS. I completely understand that you would be in fibrofog.

Noca did a superb job in directing you to the perfect place for fibrofog.

First I have to tell you, when you are in pain and not sleeping well and the added stress, no wonder you don't remember a thing. I shall tell you, that once you get a handle on your situation the memory will return.

Brain fog aka fibro fog is a commonly reported symptom of fibromyalgia. Patients often describe multiple sensations of fatigue and listlessness combined with transitory states of confusion, poor attention and concentration, and short-term memory loss. This fibro fog tends to exacerbate the deficits in daily functioning that a fibromyalgia sufferer must deal with.

What causes fibro fog? Sleep deprivation and significant difficulty in achieving and/or maintaining deep level sleep, however, may very well point to the answer.

It is at the deeper levels of sleep (delta wave sleep) that a person's mind conducts its internal "housekeeping". During this phase of sleep, newly acquired information is assimilated and integrated. The inability to get enough restorative deep-level sleep may have an impairing effect on an individual's ability to recall information or operate at a normal level of mental efficiency.

My doctor was able to put me on pain medication that I take twice a day, and a sleeping pill that actually works. I now go to sleep, peacefully without being groggy and the pain pill take care of my pain.

I found that if I took my pain pill and my sleeping pill at bedtime, that when I woke up in the morning I was actually more alert and in less pain. By noon or so, I take my other pain pill and I find that I am more pain free for more hours.

Don't forget you are now living with another person in your household. I do know what MS patient go through and it can be very hard for someone like you, who also has to battle her own pain. Just remind yourself, that in order to help others, first you must be kind, and treat yourself first.

Maybe a talk with your doctor and talking about the added stress you have such as the loss of your mom and your sister who has MS, can be very overwhelming. He may find that by tweaking your pain and sleeping pill, and maybe changing the times you take it, will help you have a better sleep patern. Once you find that optimum rest, you will see your fibrofob diminish.

I hope you are making it ok, and that you find that optimum sleeping sensation, so that your fibrofog disapear.


chefbeth - October 26

dear mypain, I am new to this and so don't have any answers. Fibrofog is definitely one of the symptoms that concerns me the most - though the pain and stiffness is no picnic either. When I can't remember ANYTHING, and I mean the same as you - driving and forgetting where I am going, calling someone and forgetting who I'm calling, needing to set reminders on my phone for everything, it's very frustrating and sometimes frightening! I have changed my diet (sugar and gluten elimination) recently and am taking my omegas every day (I have to put them in front of my coffeemaker to remember). Just know you are not alone. I hope your situation changes and that you can get some help. Axxie is right - we must take care of ourselves first if we are to care for others. God bless...


polo - October 26

i recently have been diagnosed with fibro - which i guess is rare with men...

anywayz i never had a problem sleeping thru night,ever
but now with fibro feel soo exhausted even after 8/9 hours of sleep
so should i take a sleeping pill (tylenol pm) to make sure im getting the 'delta/rem sleep????

right now doc prescribed savella and im 1 week into it and still have pain... so any help with the sleep issue would be appreciated.
oh and today is my bday!


Fantod - October 26

Memory issues or "fibro-fog" are also a common complaint among people with Fibromyalgia. The stress level you have had in recent months is also a major contributor. I am very sorry for the loss of your mother.

You could try a supplement called "phoshatidylserine" which comes in varying strengths for memory issues. This was recommended to me by my nutritionist. My memory is pretty well intact except when I am really affected by fatigue so I only use 200 mg. You could try a higher dose.

You should be able to find this item at any decent healthfood store. Or, order it online from a company like Puritan's Pride which has regular sales. I use the latter for my supply - they call it "Neuro-PS." Make sure that you understand how to use it and any risks associated with taking it.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. Keep in touch and take care.


Noca - October 26

Piracetam can help with cognitive problems, unfortunately its not sold in Canada, but it is in the US!


axxie - October 26

I'll be there shortly and I'll go buy myself Piracetam soon.

I more than need it, today of all days, my boss wanted to talk to me, ref: concern that I am loosing my mind. (And I thought I was doing so well). Looks like not.

My boss is so concern that she actually had HR with her to meet me, she did invite me, so I knew about the meeting.

It went well, and I skirted through the problems in one sentence, Yeah I know I have a problem, but you know I have health issues.

So she gave me a list of the mistakes I made, and I swear I didn't know I was that far from the loop. It's all stuff I know, and know very well, but for some strange reason, it reminds me of someone who is ADD. I swear to you, I was not like that before my Fibro.

I had a MRI done a few years ago brain scan, and I thought maybe it was a brain aneurisim or something, looks like that isn't it, but I do have mild delimination of the brain. So neurologist became quite concern that it might me MS. I had every test imaginable and the answer is no not MS. She is adamant that what I have is fibromyalgia.

I fit the profile of a fibromyalgia suffer and I've studied everything about fibro and I the symptoms etc. etc, etc. I have three doctors saying is fibro.

Anyway, the brain thing is really bothering me, cause I didn't think I was that loopy. So I'm wondering if the good doctor gave me medication for ADD if that would help me?

Anyone have been given ADD medication for symptoms of fibrofog. I am wondering if that would help.

I so concern, that I already checked to see if I had early set of dimention and I'm not a candidate for it. So what is the cause of the fibrofog and what is or is there medication to help you out. Savella and Cymbalta and all those drugs help but they would not be considered the first drug of choice to treat just the mental fibrofog.

Anybody can help me on this one. I'm so confused, that I'm confusing myself......


JMiley2 - October 27

To: Mypain

I have had fibro since 1994...quite awhile..and yes, memory issues are common for me. I also have to write everything down. I truly believe that people with fibro are especially sensitive to ANY kind of stress. When I am especially stressed out, my memory is far worse and of course, all of that makes me even more anxious.
So, from what I can tell, what you are experiencing is normal.


mypain - October 30

Thank you so much axxie....I really appreciate your insight.


mypain - October 30

Thanks chefbeth.....I so appreciate your advise....I wanted to make sure I wasn't in fact losing my entire mind! I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but it is helpful to know I am not alone.


mypain - October 30

Happy Belated Birthday!! I take ambien, it works for me....the others make me feel droggy the next day or even days after taking them.

You are right, not a lot of men on this site, there is a lot of good advice here, everyone is so helpful. Some have been there done that...and it helps a great deal to have them as friends. This allows us to ask questions and vent. We need all of the friends we can get with this disease.

Take care and good luck.


mypain - October 30

Thanks Fantod...I will be on this quickly.


mypain - October 30

I am not liking normal... :o) Somehow I will learn to deal with it...but scary...

Thank you


mypain - October 30

I am on cymbalta already..can't say it is doing anything for my fibro we will have to go another route...



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