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Fibro Fog or Fibro Fun...
5 Replies
white chocolate - December 22

Why is it that when i think I'm having a good day my mind has other ideas....e.g: today at work I was asked the question, 'What number are we on?'. Before I had a chance to even think my fibro fun jumped in and called out the most obscure random number it could come up with. Good ole fibro fob,not wanting to be left out, stood in front of the boss open mouthed wondering where that number had just come from,whilst waiting once again for the floor to open up so it could disappear.

Does any one else's mouth let them down like this or is it just fog having fun?.. lol xx


Canada17 - December 22

lol my mouth does play tricks on me sometimes too. Though not with the calling out of random things. I often get tongue tied. The worst of it is the fact that once I start I just can't stop and I keep sputtering out nonsensical words until I run out of breath. It always gets a laugh out of whomever I am speaking with.

My fibro fog has a way of making the simplest of words disappear from my memory at the most inopportune time. It's rather annoying to be sitting there trying to talk about something but that one key word that would make it all come together just won't make itself known! Then, I play a game of guess what word I mean by giving you every explanation for it aside from the word itself. I usually end up losing my train of thought.


dkarssen79 - December 23

I have the exact same thing as Canada17. I will be having a conversation with someone and will not be able to think of words or will get tongue tied. Its quite embarassing. I also have problems remembering the correct spelling for words. Fibro fog has definitely done a number on my memory. I will go to the store and forget what I'm there for or will be getting ready to do something and forget what I'm doing. The worst part is I may not ever remember what I was about to do!


white chocolate - December 23

It's good to hear it's not just me.

Yesterday when it happened i laughed...
Today, I got really upset as I couldn't remember where I had hidden a Christmas gift. I searched everywhere but couldn't recall coming into the house with it although I knew I'd bought it,paid for it, put it in my daughter's car and it had come home with us. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and broke down when my partner asked, 'where did you put it?...did you put it in the cupboard, was it in my car?...
How much more of this Fibro does he not understand..If I could remember I wouldn't be looking. Does he just think I'm stupid, I thought he understood but he hasn't got a clue about what's happening to me. And that makes it so much harder and sader.
Today is a highly crap day.
I'm sorry but I need to tell somebody or I'll sit in a ball and cry.


white chocolate - December 23

My memory has gone on holiday.
I'm writing gift tags for the presents. I haven't got a clue what most of them are now they've been wrapped a while.
How can a 'Normal' ever understand why I can't remember?

Thank goodness the computer has a spell checker. So much is jumbled.


axxie - December 24

OH yes, I have the same problem, I speak four languages and can go from one to another without even a hint of problems, until fibro kicked in.

Now, today, I wanted a cinamon bun for my breakfast and I was looking at the bun, and the only thing I could do was stare at it, and point and say this is what I want. Let's play guessing game at the restaurant at work, they know me pretty well by now.

I go to the store and I play guessing games with myself, with clear indication of what I'm buying and when I get there, I play don't know what I need, I look like a deer staring into headlights of a car.

Oh well, who cares, it's Christmas for some and eve for others. I'm all leaving you with good holidays to you and may you be merry and play charades with your family or better yet, the guessing game truly invented by none others then the fibro fog people.



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