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Fibro Fog, Nagging Fears, Blah, Blah, Blah
11 Replies
FibroGal - January 7

I am frustrated. Yesterday I made a grilled cheese for my dad and, when he bit into it, there was no cheese. I'd forgotten to put the cheese on it. And I think it was yesterday but it could have been the day before. I had a terrible bout with irritable bowel this morning so I was in the bathroom when I am usually eating breakfast. Now I can't remember whether or not I took my medications. It is very common for me to forget something I was going to say or whether or not I already said it. I sometimes go to a room with specific intentions and when I get there forget what I was in there for or get distracted by something else and never do what I went in there to do in the first place. Uggh! Does any of this sound familiar? I'm 46 and convinced it's fibro fog but I'm also anxious so I still have this little nagging fear of Alzheimer's. AND, read any other of a number of my posts and you'll see I also worry at times about having any other of a number of dread diseases. My anxiety has led to many doctor visits which has led to much testing which has led to consistent confirmation of fibro but still nothing ever seems to keep me from worrying. Do any of you experience any of this? Do any of you have anxiety like this? Suggestions on coping with anxiety invited!


solanadelfina - January 7

Yes, that definitely sounds familiar. I'll be talking and suddenly forget the next word I wanted, or forget what I went into a room for, and often triplecheck what time I work or when to set the alarm. But it also happens often to those who don't even have fibro, and can occur more often when you're anxious about it. That can make it worse, which makes one more anxious, etc.

If this is the only reason you fear it could be Alzheimer's, I wouldn't worry about it. If you're worried about the meds, try putting the bottle upside down after you've taken them, or put them in one of those little boxes with the days printed on them. Make lists of things if that helps.

If you can, try making a joke about it. That will help break the cycle of anxiety and could improve things. I honestly believe that if you can laugh at something, you decrease its power over you and get back some control. I like to make cracks about "getting old" at the ripe old age of twenty-four with this and the silver hair coming in already. :)

Good luck, and fibro hugs.


ddavies - January 18

I get to the point that I don't know what the name of things are. Also forget what I am looking for or what it was I was going to do. Told my doctor and she put me on Lamictal. Have only been on it a couple weeks but have not seen much of a difference.


axxie - January 19

Well I'm in this boat too, and it was very fustrated, but now I just let it go. People have difficulty with when you forget a word and they wait to see what comes out. I also have problems with speaking sometimes, someone said to me I sound like drunk, but I'm not. If you are very tired and your anxiety is high, it's worst. The doctor put me on cymbalta it's ok, but I still feel some pain. I can't work, and that fustrates me to no end.


ddavies - January 19

Cymbalta didn't work for me. I was on it for over a year. It frustrates me when I am trying to say a word and the person just stands there and looks at me knowing what it is I am trying to say. I just feel so stressed and it really gets me upset.


FibroGal - January 26

Thank you all for (Right word??) While I'm sorry you are also experiencing these frustrations, it is helpful to know we are not alone. ddavies, I can fully relate to your frustration at trying to say something and the person is just looking at you knowing what it is you're trying to say. I know *exactly* what you mean. I often have to pause and look up in the air as if somehow I need to pull the word out of the sky.


Tlhlassie - January 26

I am 54 and diagnosed at 38, the anxiety is helped by Cymbalta for me. It did take some adjusting the dose for a bit before I found the optimum results. Nuerotin also helps with the pain that nothing else touches. It too will take a bit of ajusting before you find something that works for you. It is similar to the Lyrica but less expensive. I too have taken care of a parent for about 6 months and she was the reason I went into a tailspin, stress affects this illness tremendously. The other thing, searching for words, can't help with that, haven't found anything that works for it except lowering your stress levels. Best wishes for coping. God Bless!


zoomom - January 26

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a couple months ago and put on Lyrica. My mother passed away from cancer in September and was also on Lyrica for it. I don't think it's helping. My bloodwork came back a couple weeks ago and my EBV was 2600 and the nuclear antigen was over a thousand. My dr put me on Valtrex. I am miserable. Coping with my mom's passing and all the health issues I have is just too much to handle. I read and read and wonder if I could have cancer myself.


writerchick - January 28

I can so relate! I recently went out of town and was so disoriented by being out of routine that I forgot to eat for 3 days. Keeping your meds in a dosage box does help (good point solanadelfina). I have found that writing everything down helps too. Like meals, appointments, need to do.... nothing formal or too detailed is necessary, just reminder notes or checklists. As far as the dreaded disease list, I would try to keep the fears to a minimum, try saying "wow, good thing this isn't serious" to yourself (out loud) when the anxiety comes up. FMS puts enough on your plate without adding psychosomatic symptoms!


Lydia - February 7

I'm 45 and have this happen to me on a daily basis. Along with the fibro fog I also have depersonalization so double whammy. I'm on Cymbalta for depression actually but it also subsides the anxiety I used to get wondering if I had this or that. I do the best I can with where my brain is at each moment/day and that's pretty much all any of us can do. Control what we can and accept what we can't as it just creates more anxiety to fret over things we can't control.

You're not alone there babes.


FibroGal - February 7

Thank you, writerchick and Lydia, for the encouragement!

My heart goes out to you. Please come back and let us know how you're doing.


Xenia_E - February 13

Yep, I know EXACTLY how you feel! :( (I'm 36, and haven't been diagnosed yet.)



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