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fibro fog can be dangerous
8 Replies
belle1329 - November 12

this fog was not funny, I came home from the grocery store , put groceries away (husband helped carry them before he went out to the store for some wine )I then put a pan on the stove and started to make a quick soup for supper since it was late. I put the ingredients in the pan and turned the burner on. I sat in front of the computer a bit about 10 minutes went by and my husband came home, and said I smell gas! I then stood up and did smell it and ran to open windows and did then feel dizzy. Thank God hubby came home, I would not be here today typing this if it was a few minutes later :) DOUBLE CHECK "EVERYTHING " YOU DO!!!! I KNOW IM GOING TO HAVE TO! :-(


axxie - November 12

As a rule, I try to apply the check and balance.

This happens to everyone, don't feel bad, we live in a society where life revolves too fast for us human to comprehend. Plays tricks on us. Look at the younger generation, some of us have kids who are experiencing it. There wants and there believes, is everything happens instanteniously.


Noca - November 13

Or invest in an electric stove/oven.


belle1329 - November 13

Then Id probably leave the electric burners on! :)


FibroGal - November 14

Hi, belle. Glad you are okay. I know what you mean. I've turned on the wrong burner or left the oven on countless times. And one day recently I merged into a lane and ran a car dang near off the road. At times I fear dementia and I'm only 47. I know its the FF but it is still a very harsh reality. Take care. Glad you are okay. :)


mypain - November 16

I turned on the wrong burner the other day and melted my tea pot to my flat stove top!!!! My husband has reminded me atleast once a week that it is going to cost us 250.00 to get it replaced. I was like oh well...its live...I am sure it will not be the last time I do something stupid....I find that setting the timer or a timer as a reminder of works out better for me. I can set the timer for 8 hrs to remind me to blow out the candles, 1 hr as a reminder to turn off the is getting to be my best friend....note pads are a wonderful addition to my car, fridge, purse....


belle1329 - November 16

LOL get this one fog strikes again right here and now, lol I just replied and forgot to click post , remembered I didnt a few minutes later and here i am back agin (as I type my words backwards and have to retype several times as I do very often!) Here is what I wrote the first time ... (at least what I can remember..
Hi Fibro girl Thanks, Ive done the lane thing a few times myself, not funny :(
Alzhimers is my greatest fear, my mom had and died from it, she was about 67 when she started, im 52, finally playing with a full deck and I forgot how to play, lol
Hi MYpain,
I sure Hope hubby buys a you new tea pot for Christmas :)
Great helpful ideas you have, Thanks


swttee4u - November 24

i'm new here and glad to know that i'm not the only one having these problems. i have forgotten tons of things, the stove,windows,forgetting to lock my house doors. i just thought i was losing my mind. i've been dealing with this since i was like 10 and i'm 36 and when i was 20 they told me i was going to be wheel chair bound and then at 22 i found this great doctor that told me i had fibro! everytime i turn around it's something different attached to it.


zoed - December 8


I'm here for the first time and WOW! now this all makes sense.

I hope you don't mind, but I LOL at your burning the pot to the stove! Glad all is well, but I needed the chuckle. I have a large funny bone anyway - at least THAT's not hurting!



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