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Fibro-fog and Medication Problems
5 Replies
JJ1 - November 21

My fibro-fog really affects taking medications. I am frequently forgetting my Nexium until later in the day when my heartburn erupts. I usually remember the Elavil but often it is very late so I take only half the prescribed dosage to avoid being too drowsy in the morning. I was late on getting my refill on my last prescription of Elavil and went 4 days without the medication (really makes me appreciate what it does for me after going several days without!). Anyone else have these problems and any strategies that help?


JJ1 - November 21

Another problem I have is I am constantly missing doctors appts. If the practice does not give a reminder call a day or two ahead of time, i am likely to forget. I keep a daily planner, but never think to take it into my appts but I guess that is my downfall.


tnichel - November 21

I have to keep a planner now as well. I missed 2 dr. appts. last month. And I have a hard time remembering to take my plaqueril dose which is only twice a day. I try to put my meds in a place where I'll see them and remember to take them but...... it seems putting them on the nightstand doesn't help either. Sorry if that wasn't much help but maybe someone will have a few strategies that work.


JoniB - November 22

Hello JJ1. I had the same problem as well as not remembering if I took my meds or not & didn't want to double dose. I bought a pill box At Wal-Mart that I can fill 1 week at a time, Also have a 1 day pill box in case I have to travel for appts or supplies. My mother bought a 1 month pill box. It really helps! Also I write my Dr. appts on my calendar & put the appt card on my nightstand to remind me. I always like to make my appts on a Wednesday afternoon so that helps too. At home I try to put items back in the same spot so I know where to find them. Sometimes if I don't pay attention I accidently put it somewhere else then have to hunt for it. lol I recently moved so I am still trying to organize & remember where I put things. I hate making a shopping list and then forgetting it at home! Next to my bed I keep a spiral notebook to write info in it and tape any newspaper clipping that I may need for future reference. I put my calendar with it.


JJ1 - November 23

Thanks for the advice. The first thing I do every morning is get a cup of coffee so I was putting my Nexium bottle in my coffee cup so I couldn't miss it. I haven't gone and poured coffee all over the bottle yet,lol, but I frequently take the bottle out of the cup, pour myself a cup of coffee and walk away without taking the pill. I hate the idea of a pill box (for old people, haha) but I am thinking that is the best way. I sure wish all doctor's office's did the reminder call.


Fantod - November 23

Set an alarm to match your daily schedule for taking medication. It would be an easy prompt to remind you to take your pills. If you have a cell phone you can program it to remind you of your appointments as well.



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