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Fibro fog and fatigue... so over it... help anyone??
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Kristina17 - October 24

I have been having heaps and heaps of problems with fibro fog and fatigue lately. I'm a teacher and uni student and have to nap after school every day it seems. I get chronic migraines and feel so lost for energy. How do you all cope with the fibro fog and fatigue all the time? Any suggestions?


axxie - October 25

OH Kristina, it's not easy, for any of us, one week we have a new regime and it's working great for us, then something we ate, a little stress, not sleeping well and it just throws us off.

One thing you should do for yourself is making sure you don't react to stress, stress will bring on chronic sleep problems, then the merry go-round has just started and it's hard to break the cycle.

Do drink plenty of water, do eat right, try to excercise, even it means walking a block or two, if that's all you can do that day. Take a multi-vitamin, take additional B vitamin complex (50 mg once/twice daily), elemental calcium (citrate or aspartate, 1000-1200 mg/daily), magnesium (citrate or aspartate, 400-500 mg/daily), vitamin D (400-600 i.u.) and manganese (150 mg/daily). Add into the mix some fatty essential oils, fish oils and my all time favorite probiotics.

Don't worry if you don't have all of the vitamins, just start taking with two multi-vatimin, one in the morning and one at lunch time. Then as you get used to that, add your b complex, A and D, and so on.....

Drink loads of water, to clean your system. The essential oils are very important for fibro fog and B is important for fatigue.

Good luck to you, it's only normal that you are fatigue lately, there's less sunlight hours, as we go into fall and winter.


Fantod - October 26

Hi Kristine17 - I have a couple of suggestions that you could try. Get a sublingual B12 with folic acid. The folic acid is really important as it will helpf your body absorb the B12. I use 400mcg Folic Acid and 1000mcg B12.

Sublingual medication must be used in a specific way. No eating, toothbrushing, smoking or drinking (anything)1/2 hour before AND after. Simply let the tbalet dissolve under your tongue. I keep mine on the bedside table so I can pop one first thing in the morning.

The second suggestion is a product called "Neuro - PS" which is a product made by Purtian's Pride.
They can be found online and they have good sales. Neuro-PS comes in different strengths. I use 200mg and it seems to help. The main ingredient is phosphatidylserine which is specifically for memory issues. My nutritionist recommended that I use this.

I hope that my suggestions are helpful to you in some way. Take care.


Kristina17 - October 26

Hi Axxie and Fantod,

Thanks for your advice. I'm a little apprehensive about taking any more tablets at this stage because I'm already on the Cymbalta, Lyrica, Voltaren, 5000mg of omega-3 a day, magnesium, calcium, multi-vitamin, glucosamine, garlic and horseradish, vit C, vit B and zinc. I have about 15-20 tablets a day. I don't eat as healthily as I could but am trying to get better at that, any specific suggestions for dietary regimes?? I also haven't been exercising heaps because of my uni work though, but will be getting into it more soon. I lack motivation i think because I don't see the results. Any more advice will always be greatly appreciated.



Fantod - October 26

I take 17 pills in the morning and nine at night so I understand your concern. The things I told you about were recommended by my nutitionist.

As far as diet goes, high protein is very miportant. You are better off to eat smaller meals more frequently through out the day to stabalize your blood sugar. Certain foods will probably increase your pain level - lunchmeat (nitrates) diet anything and deep fried foods. If you need a sweetner for coffee use Truvia or something made from the Stevia plant. Any diet soda, gum etc is a big no-no. Take care.


lorieholtz - October 27

i never knew there was a name for all the symtoms i was having and now i know its called fibro fog. i've asked my dr to ck me for alzihimers, which i found there are no test. but thats how bad its been for me. so i do feel somewhat a relief to find this info out in these rooms. thanks to all of you i've really become so much more aware and why of what is happening to my body.


polo - December 1

i use puritan pride for glucosamin chondroiton triple strength which really helps with the pain in my hip joints

might try the nuero-ps as i forget alot/problems concentrating.

thx fantod :) great post



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