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Fibro Fog?????
25 Replies
jane doe - February 7

Kathy and Dream 69 (and everyone),
I would really be interested to hear if you know of anything to help the fibro fog. Any supplements, herbs, etc. I feel like I get dumber by the day. I notice sometimes now I use the wrong word for somethings. I try to laugh off my dumb things I do, but sometimes some of them are not so funny. Thankyou. P.S. Dream- I know you are such an advocate of ginger root tea, would ginger root supplements work as well? Also is any ginger tea ok, or does it specifically need to say "ginger root"?


dream69 - February 7

To be honest with you I have not tried another brand of tea but ALVITA ginger root tea. Yes, the tea must be made from the root, because the active components are in the root of the ginger plant. The tea works better if you take it one hour before you go to bed. The tea helps you sleep through the night. The following day you will notice a major decrease in all of your symptoms. Give it a try, for $3.69 a month it beats spending on 10 drugs that will do half what the ginger root can do for you. I am controlling my fibromyalgia with the tea and also with diet and exercise. Unfortunately I still have fibro fog but it has decreased a little. I do know that Ginkgo biloba has been shown by various studies to enhance memory. However, I have not tried it yet. There is promising early evidence favoring use of Ginkgo for memory enhancement in healthy subjects, altitude (mountain) sickness, symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and reduction of chemotherapy-induced end-organ vascular damage. The only problem is that Ginkgo and ginger can severely thin your blood. Patients with fibromyalgia are known to have abnormal amounts of Fibrin in their blood so a blood thinner may help in increasing the oxygen supply to tissues in the body. As you know I highly recommend ginger root tea based on how it has helped me and other members of my family. I have not tried Ginkgo and I am not sure about any interactions it may have with ginger root.


dream69 - February 7

Ginger powder and ginger supplements will take longer to have an effect. Ginger root tea has an immediate effect on your body.


larry - February 7

I use a liguid oxygen supplement and it does wonders. I buy Aguagen liuid oxygen and add it to my water. Also,the supplement Co-Q10 is great at delivering the highest amount of oxygen to the cell wall. However, unless you tackle the infections, the neurotoxins and the hormone imbalances (thyroid,adrenal, pitutary, hypothalmus) you will just be treating symptoms, forever. Have you addressed these?


BrandyO - February 7

Dream69, Do you have to buy this tea in a health food store? Brandy


jane doe - February 8

Kathy, there is no Fibro and Fatigue center near me, and even if I could afford to travel to one, my insurance won't pay for out of network services. So no, I am not addressing the other issues. I wish more doctors were well informed about fibro but they are not. I am not on any prescription meds, because I don't want something just for symptoms, and then I will just be on them forever (in MY opinion). So I am doing what I can, more or less on my own, (iI"run it by" my doctor), with diet, exercise, and supplements. BTW, I have been to an endocronologist, and everything tested "normal" and he is supposed to be the best in the area.

I have heard recently of a study with alzheimers patients and a supplement called huperzine. It is an amino acid and is having good results, so I'm thinking of trying it.


larry - February 8


Try to pick up Mary Shomon's book. She will give you all the tools you need to fight this syndrome. Her book explains why your tests may appear "normal" when you are still sick and what you can do about it. I hope this helps. PS. What part of the country do you lve in?


dream69 - February 8

Larry; It is impossible for drinkable oxygen to do anything useful in the body. Several double blind studies have shown that liquid oxygen has no effect. What you are feeling is called the placebo effect. Only a hyperbaric chamber can increase oxygen consumption in the body. Actually the hyperbaric chamber therapy has been shown to be beneficial for fibromyalgia. About CoQ10 it is known to play vital roles in both cellular respiration and antioxidant defense…………http://hbotreatment.


dream69 - February 8

You can buy ginger root tea @ the vitamin shoppe or a health food store. I buy it at an ethnic grocery store.


dream69 - February 8

Jane Doe what type of diet are you on? I am on a very low carb diet.


JJ1 - February 8

link regarding drinkable oxygen and oxygen bars...............


JJ1 - February 8

omit the dash in humanbiology to get the link to work.


JJ1 - February 8

Quote from the link...."Aside from the O part in H2O, ordinary water has about 0.5 percent dissolved oxygen gas. This is what fish filter through their gills. Oxygenated water can carry as much as 5 percent oxygen. Now, if we assume that humans absorb oxygen efficiently through their gut, which they don't, and if the dissolved oxygen in the oxygenated water doesn't bubble into the air when you open the bottle and expose it to standard pressure, which it does, how much O2 are you getting?

The math is straightforward. Most oxygenated drinks contain no more than 125 mg/liter; air contains about 250 mg/liter. (Although air is about 20 percent oxygen and the oxygenated water is 5 percent dissolved oxygen, the density is different, so this isn't quite 4:1.) Each minute we inhale about 12 times and breathe in about 4 liters of air. So you need to drink two liters of oxygenated water (at 125 mg/l) just to keep up with three good breaths (about a liter of air).

At a dollar a bottle, you might want to reconsider drinking your oxygen. After all, the air is free ... "


dream69 - February 8

Major Side Effects of Huperzine

Huperzine A may increase the risk of having seizures for individuals who have or who have had epilepsy.

Potentially dangerous changes in heart rhythm may be caused by using huperzine A.

Less Severe Side Effects

Other side effects that may be attributed to the use of huperzine A include:

Blurry vision
Slowed heartbeat
Stomach cramps


dream69 - February 8

Huperzine A, is a purified alkaloid extract from a Chinese moss, Huperzia serrata The moss has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating fever, inflammation, schizophrenia and memory loss. As a modern herbal supplement, Huperzine A is used therapeutically to treat Alzheimer's disease and other age-associated memory impairments.


dream69 - February 8

Huperzine has been shown to work in animals and humans but there are side effects. Fibro Fog is due to a disruption in the regulation of oxygen metabolism. Huperzine works well when memory loss is due acetylcholinesterase activity .


jane doe - February 8

Well, Maybe the huperzine won't do the trick then.... I am going to try the ginger root tea tho. I tried ginko a while ago and stayed on it for about 3 months, and didn't really notice a difference. Kathy, I will get that book. I am in western N.Y. Dream, as far as my diet, I try to just eat healthy. Lean meat, vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc. I eat NO dairy and that has helped all but get rid of the IBS unless I eat too much fried food.(which I only do occasionally) I have mostly eliminated refined carbohydrates, I do eat them also occasionally, like when out for dinner, etc. At home, it's BROWN rice and WHOLEGRAIN pasta and bread. I love sugar, and do cheat with that sometimes, but I figure if I eat really healthy 80-90% then the other 10-20% won't kill me. I use olive oil mostly for any fat I need to add, occasionally canola oil, and a little butter. I never eat trans fats. I do try to get my 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits a day. I do have a little caffiene, and I do also drink some diet sodas. I have to work on quitting those.



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