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Fibro Fog
7 Replies
Sheryl - December 30

How common is fibro fog and what are it's symptoms?
I think that i have it! Is there anything that can make it better?


AmberRose - December 30

um well for me i forget things ALOT and ever since i started getting it i converse less and less with others becuase i say really wierd things that make no sense.. sometimes i think people think im rude for not saying much but id rather be rude than stupid....well id rather be none but what can you do. Sometimes when im driving i kinda gap out and then all of a sudden im like oh my im driving, and i dotn remember getting there or how long i was out of it, im not the only one, ive seen a few posts about the driving on other websites. i think it is very common. i hate it i would rather live a thousand days in pain then have fibro fog for one. at least i wouldnt feel stupid. i dunno its enough to make me cry some days...others i just have to laugh at myself . I dont think there is much beyond getting enough rest to help ease it.


JJ1 - December 30

One of the things for me is I find it difficult to focus and concentrate -- it just feels like my brain is in fog. I don't know how to describe. Like AmberRose, I forget things a lot but I think this is because of the lack of ability to focus and concentrate.


BRENDA - December 30

I don't know if this is related to Fibro-fog, but I have been having a terrible time with dislexeia lately!! I have NEVER had dislexeia before, but in the last year or so, I have been seeing, typing & writting letters & number transposed! It seems to be getting worse all the time! Has anyone else had this problem?


JJ1 - December 31

I have had that, too. Also trouble spelling and I have always been an ace at spelling. I often will replace words with ones that sound similar but are far off in meaning for what I intended to use. I have trouble remember the right word for very common things. I get my kids names mixed up, but I think everyone does that. I also get one daughter and the dog's names confused, which she absolutely hates.


Patrice - December 31

Fibro fog is a monster! I hate it. I, too, used to be an ace typist, winning typing contests (over 125 wpm!). But since fibro fog has crept into my life, I have all kinds of problems with memory, spelling, typing, talking, etc. I can think something out in my head before I say it, and can't speak it. It's frustrating! It seems like when stress is bad, the fibro fog is worse. Good luck!


Patrice - December 31

P.S. -- In some research, I read we need to empower and exercise our brain. Do different kinds of word games, computer games, crossword puzzles ... anything that takes brain power.


Jeannie3 - December 31

It's an awful thing. I made a list to get groceries for new years eve and came back to see it left on the counter. Driving is a concern because I find I drift off when I'm on a known route. Those days I really have to be firm and concentrate or not drive. Fibro Fog is definitly a joke around here, thank god the kids and mate understand. When its not a dangerouse situation you have to have a sense of humour or it gets so frustrating.



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