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Fibro Fog
8 Replies
BreeZ - August 30

Okay well i'm having a problem with my memory and concentrating in general.... I just recently heard the terminology fibrofog. My question is this.. could it be the medicine i'm taking (Neurontin and Percocet) that are the cause of the memory loss or is it the Fibromialgia and how does one figure it out? Seems like my memory has been poor for quite a while now.. but got even worse when i got on Neurontin .. but i hate to stop the medicine as it really seems to be helping the pain to some degree.. Is anyone else out there struggling with this horrid memory loss?? I really do feel as though i'm struggling to concentrate on everything.. it's a bad feeling to say the least .. My friends are starting to playfully make fun of me and my flakiness here lately. but i'm sure they are thinking i've lost it. It really is pretty scary at times.. Seems it 's mostly my short term memory that is the worse.. Don't know what to do.. Do i give up the medicine that is helping with the pain to get some of my faculties back? Thank goodness i'm not working at this time.. i would be so fired! Also does anyone know of any vitamins or anything natural that really does work on poor memory and concentration.??


JJ1 - August 30

It is so hard to know what comes from fibro and what comes from something else -- like one of the medications or some other underlying condition. I think the fibrofog is my worse symptom -- I don't get much pain -- but I am also approaching menopause which can also have memory loss problems. And my dad passed away from Alzheimers, so I find memory loss pretty scary. I don't know anything about the medications you are on but I have taken percocet for pain before (after surgery I think) and I could certainly see how it could contribute to memory loss.


BreeZ - August 30

Hi JJi .. I get the pain too.. seems like it moves around..Shoulder, back, knees and neck.. Some days seems like i'm just sore all over .. but i think the Fibrofog is the most scary of the symptoms too.. I can see where yours would be even more frightening with Alzheimers in your family. Sometimes i try to fool my husband and others by pretending that i understand them when i don't .. it's a bad feeling!!


Fantod - September 2

I see a nutrionist and she recommened that I take 100 mg of Phosphatidylserine a day. It is a supplement that helps with memory. I think it has helped quite bit. Puritan's Pride makes a product called "Neuro-PS" which is what I sue. You can find them online - decent prices and good sales. If you are getting close to menopause most women start to experience some memory glitches at that time. If not, it is likely your FMS and not the meds. Best of luck to you.


SusanNobleSmith - September 4

Yes it is horrid. Fibrofog comes and goes (if I am remembering correctly – smile). When it is active, it is the most frustrating thing ever. I use post-it-notes a lot and no longer count on remembering things. It is easier to review a note per task and when completed remove it from the wall. Also, I ensure that simple tasks, like remembering how to get somewhere, are now written down and followed. Eventually it becomes habitual to be extra organized. Most important is to avoid distractions.

If you are managing to work with FMS, and you get fibrofog, I would suggest trying to determine all the distractions that can be eliminate. Noise is my problem, from other offices, or cubicles, or even machinery can makes me loose my concentration, so I put in ear plugs – it looks weird but I am able to focus.

There was a research study of FMS and memory loss by Drs. Frank Leavitt and Robert Katz of Rush Medical College in Chicago, and it demonstrated that the level of ‘distractions’ with FMS patients contributed to over 80% memory loss, otherwise there was no difference between FMS and regular healthy subjects.

Best regards,


Maura A. - September 14

How do you explain this to your family? I also have fibro fog and my family just does not understand and will get mad when I don't remember things. Or can't do a simple task because I can't remember how. Any ideas? Thanks


JJ1 - September 14

My teen kids take advantage of my mental lapses. They claim I never told them to be home by 11 or that they told me they were going to so and so's house after the movie, etc. I lose things at home, have trouble taking care of paperwork and bills. At work I forget people's names who I have known for a long time or in the middle of a conversation will forget what word I am trying to say and it is very embarrassing.


BreeZ - September 17

JJi, boy do i ever know what you mean about being in the middle of a sentence and forgetting the word. it's like duh.. i feel so stupid at times and yet i know i'm really not.. but it does take away alot of your confidence when you can't even hold an intelligent conversation any longer due to memory loss.. and i will check out this supplement Fantod


Robin1237 - September 19

Well, I found out last year that my fibro is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection. The bacteria like our nerves and soft tissue. They are in our brains and causing the cognitive problems. It's best to find a Lyme-treating doctor to work with. I recommend the Igenex lab( for testing for Lyme and coinfections. Then we generally need antibiotics, plus people are doing a lot more than antibiotics also, to treat the infection. Going on clindamycin antibiotic 150 mg 4x/day took my fibro symptoms to zero in a week's time!!! You can learn about it all at Or you can email me at [email protected] to discuss.



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