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Fibro Eye Problems
9 Replies
FibroGal - December 3

Does anyone else have a problem with their eyes, such as blurred vision, nystagmus (when eyes dart back and forth real quick a few times), light plays tricks on your eyes, such things like that? Thanks.


jacobea - December 4

I've heard that fibro can give you/aggravate eye problems. Eye trouble runs in my family, but i seem to have it particularly bad (ie, i see at least three of everything without my glasses, and if it's not under my nose without my glasses on, it's a poorly coloured blur). I haven't got nystagmus, but my eyes do seem to be really light sensitive, which seems to be another fibro thing. Natural light's always best. Take care.


Sonja44 - December 5

Yep, I get what is called "retinal migraines" ...according to my eye doc. Halo's, flashing lights, blocked vision, twitching...but rarely turns into a migraine headache. It freaked me out the first time it happened...but now that I know what it is...I just ride it out...usually by laying down and shutting my eyes for awhile.


rycer - December 5

Hi, i have had my eyes play tricks on me too - i dont know guys can have fibro but i have many of the symptoms of Fibro over the last year - i too have been told i have a nystagmus and my eyes have darted back and forth quick like - granted last Sept 07 i was hit between the eyes by my sons head and have not been right since - i chalked it up as such but i still have problems and thinking i may have this fibro. I could list many of the other symptoms i have had but it would take me forever.


Sarilyn - December 5

Men can also get fibro, but it is not very common. I know a man that has it, although not to the degree the women I know with it (myself included). That doesn't mean guys can't get it as badly by any means, just that I do know a male that was diagnosed with it, but has a milder form than most people I know.

Also, one of my friends with fibro had bariatric surgery and said she has not had a single symptom since the day of the surgery. Has anyone else heard of this? It makes me wonder if something in the food she was eating before did something to bring on the symptoms, as she cannot eat a lot of different types of foods yet. It had been almost 6 months however and still no more symptoms for her.



Fantod - December 6

Sarilyn - Some foods can aggravate FMS symptoms. They are usually deep fried, processed lunch meat and diet soda. Diet soda can cause a lot of problems in people who do not have fibromyalgia as well. Any of these foods will probably make your symptoms much worse. If you need to use an artifical sweetner, Stevia, is the best and least toxic. It can be found at any decent health food store. Take care and enjoy the weekend.


constantlydistracted - December 17

As yet I don't have a positive on FM. I do have an appointment with a new doctor recommended by a nurse. I have noticed in the last 9 months how my vision has gotten considerably worse. I have worn contacts for years and got a new prescription about 7 months ago - now they don't make much difference. I am having to wear them AND my reading glasses. I can't even eat without one or the other or both. Just another symptom I guess. And yes the light does play tricks on my eyes. This has gotten to the point that I am afraid to drive at night because I can't judge distance by the other vehicles lights so I can't tell which lane they are in. I don't discount anything anymore. I also wear a mask at night to help convince my eyes to rest and my body that its actually dark and time to sleep! My family has been great as they are convinced I have FMS. Its a long road but you aren't alone.


izabelld - August 26

Hi FibroGal,

I have been experiencing some sort of problem with my right eye. It is like my right eye is pulling inwards. Could this be nystagmus? I wear contact lenses during the day and glasses at home in the evening. I only seem to have the problem when wearing the contact lenses and I feel that it is aggravated by the fluorescent lighting I have at work.



wolffin - August 27

sometimes I have a problem feeling like on my eyes is try ing go a diferent direction. Comes and gos realy annoying to try and read when it decides to do that.


pfiinch - August 30

DEFINETELY My eyes have days they are so blurred I can hardly make out what I am reading or typing.I have only had my eyes do the shifting thing that you are talking about a couple of things.I am actually talking with my Dr.'s to try for socoal security.I know it is going to be hard but I will be as patient as I can.I know it takes a feww times but I think I should have a pretty good shot yet will take time.
My eyes get like a bunch of little dots all over and makes it hard Gotta go we are closing.Good Luck and check with the eye doctors.



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