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Fibro can be managed
2 Replies
axxie - February 20

Fibro can be hard and sometimes it's a long road back to some normalcy.

A complimentary team is the best, you have your doctor, you have your specialist and you have all those complimentary people who can help you.

Eating right and leaving the junk food will make wonders. Stop the coffee, the cigarettes and all your bad habits

Trying to stretch or excercise even if it means a little stretching will make you feel better.

Don't forget at the very least one one multi vitamin.

Do go outside and get your daily 20 minutes of sun.

From last year to this year I have made many positive changes, I still have fibro, trust me I can feel it, but with time and energy you can make positive changes that will bring you sweet rewards with more good days then bad ones.


rivermarie - February 21

I agree Axxie - your pain may lessen when you take good care of your mind, body and soul. And you have to be consistent. But I do give myself a treat once a day as a nice reward - I look at things like a walk on the beach as a reward, a few bites of dark chocolate as a reward, meditating over all the good things in my life as a reward. If I can incorporate what I should be doing as a reward (instead of a chore) then my mindset changes to want to do these things. And then I have to push myself to go do them. I do water therapy yoga with mostly 70 year olds, but at age 53 I am not too proud to do whatever I need to do to feel better. I have another 30 years to go and I want them to be satisfying.


axxie - February 22

Hey rivermarie, I also do the water therapy yoga and yes I'm one of the youngest at 52, but these girls are a hoot to be with. They don't look at your body and they don't look at you funny, they accept you for what you are, a gal whose come and joined them. They call me the baby, one I call mom same age as my mom 89. I talk to them all and I remember their names, I feel good spiritually when I excercise with them. I keep an eye out for them. I ask each one how they are, keeps me focus on something else than my own pain.
They teach me tollerance, patience and joy. They are great.



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