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26 Replies
tanner - August 23

fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, chronic fatigue these are all body/mind disorders. you don't have to stay like this!!??! start asking yourself some questions about what's going on INSIDE of you instead of concentrating on your symtoms 24/7. your symptoms only exist to draw your attention AWAY from what's really bothering you. it's an amazing disraction & IT WORKS really well. if fibro comes from car accidents & viral infections the whole world would have it!!!!
this is your life & ONLY YOU can change it. if you're waiting for the "right" white-coat or pill to come along & save you from this hell, you will die waiting. start reading about the bodymind connection. you can save your own life. no one else can do it for you, and it CAN be done.


Chris - July 20

I have read some books about the connection between body & mind. There is a woman in my support group who is 90% symptom free after having fibro for over 20 years by reading & putting it to practice. Is the guy's name Sarno? her whole life has changed, she was bedridden for 4 years and says she has just had to do alot of inner work on herself & her thinking. she doesn't take pills or special vitamins or have any special bodywork at all. I thought it was a freak miracle but now I keep seeing this everywhere. I think you're right but people get real mad when they think you're saying that it's coming from their mind because the symptoms are so real! thank-you for sharing this with everyone, if it helps 1 person its worth it.


Debra - July 21

Tanner: I do agree about one thing that i may help some but not all.You have alot of anger in you and i would like it if you would kindly not be so rude to me.I just like you in a way,that im just trying to help people that are suffering.


Debra - August 6

This is what started it all.


lauren adams - August 6

I have been visiting this site off and on for a few months. the last week has been wacko. I still don't get it? this is obsessive behaviour. what is the argument about? you say this is how it all started? and then go on to ask that this person not be so rude to you (back in July) there is nothing rude I can see about this post. In fact it seems to make alot of sense to me. Why isn't it possible that this could be something worth looking into, maybe it works for some people. I don't think this guy is out to get you, there have been alot of harsh words exchanged back and forth. gave me a headache trying to read them and keep track. I say those who are interested great! those who aren't so what?


Judy C - August 6

Tanner, I do believe everything is mind over body. I refuse to let this all get me down. Thank you for the info.


Judy C - August 6

I just wanted to add what I meant about everything mind over body the mind controls the whole body I know because when they told me I was going to die of cancer I would not claim that to be ture I put it in Gods hands . But I do believe if I said ok Doc I am going to die and layed down to die then I would have done so. I do give God full credit for my being here today..I hope you get what I am trying to say..I agree if someone shares what helps them and you want to try it then do so. If not then just dont do it..


Gwen - August 6

that's beautiful Judy. you beat cancer! there is a connection between mind and body to be sure. just think, when you are embarrassed by something- you blush. thats a mindbody symptom on a smaller scale, it only makes sense it would apply to the big feelings as well. bless your heart, good for you!


Judy C - August 6

Thank you Gwen...


Bob - August 7

hey tanner that's damn good advice!


ohhhh... she's gonna hate this post.... - August 7

debra I mean .... (tod=deb=lynne=cybil=psycho)


Angel - August 7

Your wrong.My fibromyalgia is from a accident.Are you a doctor or somthing.I dont think so.Do you have pain?Yes you do.In your head.Because your a fruit cup.


steph - August 7

if fibro was caused by car accidents every person who had ever been in one would have it. you need to re-read the post. not everyone offering advice out here is evil either you know.


Angel - August 7

That cant be true steph.I kow lots of people the were in accidents and now they have fibro.


steph - August 7

but what about all the people who don't have it after theyre in an accident? I have it & I wasn't in one. the logic doesn't make sense. it has to do with how different people react to stress, how sensitive your nervous system is. some ppl live in war zones and are okay some not. evryones different.


joey - August 7

what do you guys mean about the sensitive systems?


cee cee - August 7

My fibro was brought on by extreme stress and personal pain. Yes, that is my mind. But this stress has now caused pain that is REAL and difficult to overcome. I try to avoid stress in my life as much as humanly possilbe.



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