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Fibro and vision problems
7 Replies
jrzgirl - May 6

I just had my eyes examined, I told my eye DR I had Fibro, Raynauds and RSD, he said they will not effect my vision, I do have vision problems sometimes, has anyone else ever been told that?


kentucky girl - May 6

jrzgirl, I have the same problem. It seems that my vision fluctuates from day to day. Sometimes I go for several weeks with no vision problems, then my vision changes again.

I had my eyes examined today and asked the doctor about it. He said he didn't know and couldnt give me a definitive answer since fibromyalgia was sort of a mysterious disease. He didn't rule out that vision could also be affected. I am convinced that it affects a lot that the doctors aren't aware of. Today was one of the days where my vision was worse. Now I'm afraid to get new glasses based on today's exam.

Just thought I would share that. We always get insight from fellow FMS sufferers.

Kentucky girl


Fantod - May 6

In both instances, your doctors are misinformed or not educated about Fibromyalgia. It can can cause vision problems. People with FMS usually require more frequent eye glass prescriptions. I copied the following information from this site under "Associated Conditions."

When someone has Fibromyalgia (FMS) harmless objects can produce pain and sensitivity.

However symptoms are not homogenous and they can range from mild to severe.

FMS sufferers can for example develop sensitivity to stimuli such as fluorescent lights or to the light produced by a television set.

Contact lenses can cause pain and irritation, while wearing glasses can trigger mysofacial trigger points (TrPs) in the face and the neck. Pain can also be experienced in the ears, teeth and nose.

FMS can also lead to the production of a thick secretion, which subsequently impacts vision.

Night driving can be dangerous for those with FMS, as they often have trouble seeing the lights of oncoming cars.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is another complication associated with Fibromyalgia. People with SAD need light to ward off depression, which is another common symptom of FMS.

Sicca syndrome, which leads to irritation dryness in the eyes as well as the mouth and nose, also affects vision and can make the wearing of contacts uncomfortable.

Other symptoms of FMS-related vision problems include postural dizziness, blurred or double vision, and vertigo. FMS can also result in impaired eye-hand coordination.

Beta-carotene (an anti-oxidant and precursor to vitamin A) can be very helpful in treating light sensitivity produced by FMS.

Eye exercises are also be helpful in determining whether your vision problems are a result of FMS. Put one hand on your head above your forehead; then attempt to look at your hand. Pain indicates that your TrPs are especially sensitive. Then, continuing to look up at your hand, look out from the upper corner of each eye separately.

Medications are also usually prescribed to treat eyesight complications; guaifenesin (which liquefies mucus) is a uricosuric drug that helps the treatment of FMS because it helps expel uric acid from the body.

For information on Chronic Mysofacial Pain Syndrome, click on the following link: Chronic Mysofacial Pain Syndrome.


axxie - May 7

eye strain problems and lights etc, blood pressure will affect your eyesight, but you will not loose power to your eyes because you have fibro onto itself unless you have other condition associated to it.

Since some of us do develop associated conditions then yes you can loose eyesight, but once the conditions are being treated your eyesight will return to your normal.


Myriam - May 7

OMG! I always wondered why my eyes were always mucussy. I'll be sitting at my desk and then suddenly I can see anything, I go to the bathroom and I have a big mucus strand in my eye! No wonder! And I also get the double vision at night, I once drove on an unpaved shoulder on the highway thinking it was an exit! Fantod, are you a medical professionnal? If not, you are the most knowledgeable person I know!


Fantod - May 7

Myriam - LOL, no I am not a medical professional but thank you for that. I just have an inquiring mind and feel that in order to manage FMS it is best to fully understand the enemy. I'm glad that you find my comments helpful. Take care and enjoy the weekend.


dsm8122 - June 17

eyes-does anyone get floaties in their vision? black dots or wavy black lines? they are much worse in a bright light.


kaime66 - April 5

dsm8122, I have them...I am also experiencing blurred vision at times, eye strain, headaches, dizziness, pressure in my head (like my muscles are tightening up).



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