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Fibro and TMJD
5 Replies
purple-chick - November 12

iv had fibro for about 10 years, but also for awhile now (on and off) iv been suffering with severe face and neck pain. i have always been told by my gp or the hospital that iv got a sinus infection, but i was never convinced, as i didnt fit the symptoms for that.
anyway for the past few days the facial pain has come back more severe than it ever has done before! i literally feel like i have been badly beaten!
so this time i thought i would investigate it myself, and i came up with TMJD (which i have never heard of before) but i fit all the symptoms, and it apparently is common in fibro sufferers.

obviously i cant be 100% sure i have it, but it does seem likely.
so my question is what do i do now??
where can i go??
it took years and years for my gp to accept that i had fibro and refer me, im scared that the same thing is gonna happen again!


Fantod - November 13

I have had TMJ for over 20 years. You need to see a dentist that specializes in it. A bite splint is needed to relax your jaw. I clench and grind and have had extensive restoration work on almost all of my teeth. I have also had braces twice. Once as a child and again around age 40.
I wear my splint at night to prevent me from destroying my teeth. I also wear it when I am under a great deal of stress during the day.
TMJ can cause severe pain in the face, neck, shoulders and arms. It can also cause vertigo and nausea. It is very common in people with Fibromyalgia (FMS).

The best way to handle facial pain when it flairs is moist heat. You can also use a sports cream on the junction of the jaw by your ear. No matter what, you do need to see someone about this problem. Good luck and take care.


Stacey373 - November 13

Hello - I've also got TMJ and have suffered from it since I was a teenager. I deal with constant headaches and migraines and never thought TMJ could possibly be THAT bad! I do have several reasons that are causing my headaches...but TMJ is definitely one of the major causes. Like, I said, I've had TMJ since I was a kid, and I've always dismissed it because I didn't want the doctors to focus on that and not look into the other causes of my headaches.

When I first got on this forum I found out that TMJ can be extremely SEVERE and cause SEVERE pain in your jaw, head, neck, shoulders, and arms. One thing I didn't realize I was doing was I was constantly clinching my jaw closed. any time I was concentrating on a project or was stressed out or even driving....I even realized I was clinching my jaw shut when I laid down to go to sleep. I can't wear the mouth guard (it causes more pain because I spend all night trying to get it out of my mouth) so I had to consciously learn to stop clinching and relax my jaw.

Another thing that causes my jaw and everything to hurt is when I get nervous I will bite the inside of my cheeks. it's a really bad habit of mine and I've had to make myself stop doing it.

What I do when my jaw is hurting is I rub it or have my husband rub all the muscles in my jaw and neck. Most of the time it hurts like hell...but once I can get the jaw muscles to loosen up, I do feel better and I'm always hoping to avoid a headache by doing this!

anyways....I hope you can find relief...Take Care, Stacey :o)


Fibrosukz - November 14

I also have TMJ and its extremely painful!!! I also was treated for sinus infection for 2 yrs before they told me it was TMJ. Everytime i lay down i have to sit up cause the pain gets intense, and for today and a few other days it just dont let up!! Definately see your dentist and get a splint. I spent soooo much money on my teeth and i grind sooo bad that i have broke them in half and now im getting my top teeth all removed :o(


canadacalling - November 14

Oh the joys of TMJ, I have it as well, and find that you have to keep your head and neck warm at all times. I went to the Veterans parade - without a hat and scarf and I sure paid for that one. I also have wrecked a lot of my top teeth, and now am having issues with that. Yes, you need to see a dentist to get fitted for a mouth piece (or buy a cheap one that hockey players use)not recommended as no one has a mouth the same) Picture this, if anyone came to our doors and found us with mouth pieces in and hats in the house to keep warm - they would think we were bonkers.!!!


thecudd - November 20

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and last year, an EMT told me that I also had TMJ. My symptoms involve pain and pressure in my inner ear and under my throat, and I often feel pain when I am chewing and swallowing food, mostly with my tongue and ears. I have nausea, and I often feel dizzy and off balance. I also bite my inner lip, and during stressful times, I know that my jaw is clenched and I feel pressure in my ears. TMJ is tricky. A good EMT and Dentist should be consulted.

Does anyone else experience these specific symptoms of TMJ? Regards to all.



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