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Fibro and the FLU!!!
4 Replies
Eenerme - April 13

Not sure how I managed to escape the flu sence my fibromyalgia diagnosis 8 years ago... But until two weeks ago I did. Fibro can feel like the flu all on its own, but throw that virus into the mix and you suddenly have enough flu in you for an army (as if the flu could be measured) if you have fibromyalgia it can and often is measured. I'm two weeks into this whole mess, I'm over the basics of the flu however I'm having a heck of a time gaining back strength and energy. Anyone else out there finding it difficult to bounce back in a decent amount of time with the flu/fibro combo?


Jocelyn - April 13

Sure thing...nothing is easy to get over when you have Fibro or other autoimmune diseases. I got the flu real bad three years ago. Fibro hits my legs real bad and when the flu hit, my legs pained me so much that no pain killer would reduce the excruciating pain I was in. As the flu ran its course, my leg pain went back to the normal every day pain. I took me a while to get back on my feet, but I finally did.

Take care, hope you feel better soon.


iliveinpain - April 19

I haven't had the flu for years, but when I did, it took 2 weeks in bed to recover. It was awful! I felt like I was never going to get better As Jocelyn pointed out, the worst pain was in my legs as well. I hope you're feeling better!!


iliveinpain - April 19

Oh and another point too, my husband recently had a horrible flu combined with pnuemonia which had him hospitalized. Even with how sick he was, he still recovered in less than a week, since he has no fibromyalgia to contend with. Thank God I didn't catch his flu, miracles happen sometimes I guess ;)


Eenerme - April 19

I can not imagine having that combo....flu/fibro/pneumonia ... Yeah my flu also took a full 14 days to be back to normal (normal enough I'm sure you know) and I too had leg pain which I cannot recall ever having w/the flu anytime in the past. It's frightening to have that feeling your never going to get better... But thank God, (which I do daily) I did get better. I will be getting a flu shot from now on. Take care and thanks for the feedback. :)



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