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Fibro and The cold or any other bug!
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I haven't been doing well for the past couple of weeks. Actually months I would say...

For the past week I have had some type of stomach bug. Well, it seems like when I have a cold or ANY OTHER illness on TOP of the Fibro, my Fibro gets worse! For the past week, my pain has been THROUGH the ROOF. I CANNOT SLEEP and I had a severe panic attack last night for nothing... I just started shaking really bad, felt dizzy and outside of myself. And the inside of my body was BURNING.. It was very weird. I haven't ever experienced something like that. It completely worried me...

Well, 2 ativans and a half hour later, I finally felt a little better. Then I passed out and SLEPT THROUGH my alarm going off this morning. WHich is TOTALLY not the type of person I am.

I feel like I am losing it. Do us Fibro sufferers ever get a break? It is normal to have ALL of your symptoms times three if you have another health problem going on?

I am also in Menopause. I bet that is some of this trouble too. I feel like just giving up! SO tired of this crap!

Feeling Hopeless



Fantod - December 30

Jennifer - I'm really sorry that you are feeling so lousy right now. FMS is already complicated enough without adding other problems in on top of it. As you may know, FMS is an auto immune disorder so any other bug on top of it just magnifies the whole mess.

I would not worry to much about sleeping through your alarm. You obviously needed the extra rest. In fact, if it is not necessary to set an alarm, I wouldn't. Sleep is a precious commodity for all of us. It is OK to get up late and you should give yourself permission to do that wherever possible.

Things will get better. Try to relax and try to focus on things that make you feel better or are a good distraction. I hope that things improve for you soon. Take care.




Thanks for the response so quick. It wasn't good. I kind of thought any illness would be multiplied and make the Fibro worse, but you just verified that. So, that must be why I feel so crappy.

I do try to sleep as much as possible. Even though my little one isn't all that happy when I am sleeping all the time. But she can fend for herself..

Well, I had to work this morning. I am thinking about leaving early. I am soo not feeling good. I have been sick since Christmas and just want this crap to go away! It is hard enough to deal with Fibro. Then add a flu... And it is making my back hurt VERY bad. My morphine hasn't worked the past couple of days. I am thinking it may be time to call the doctor.

Thanks again!

Hang in there and I will check in soon


Stacey373 - December 30

Hi JC - You're going through menopause too??? well I personally think that changes everything! Are you on any kind of hormones??? I think that might make a HUGE difference in how you are feeling....not the flu stuff, but everything else.

I know for a fact that hormones can make a huge difference....I have spent YEARS with constant headaches and was ALWAYS guaranteed to get a bad one during my period. I've tried EVERY thing out there to just stop the headaches coming that time of the month. I'm VERY sensitive to hormones and couldn't take even the minimal amount of birth control (was only taking BC to stop the horrible periods)

A few months ago my doctor told me to try using progesterone cream for a few days a month. And I swear that stuff actually WORKS!!! who would have thought that by rubbing some cream on the inside of my elbows would literally take away my horrible periods and headaches?!? And even when I forget to use the cream and I get a soon as I use it, the next day the headache is gone!

anyways...Just thought maybe you should check into all of this with your doctor. maybe you can get something to help you and make you feel a whole lot better. Take Care, Stacey :o)




Yup, I sure am going through Menopause. had a hysterectomy about 2 to 3 years ago. I thought I had already dealt with this crap.

well, I recently lost about 100 lbs. I started feeling a LOT more irritated than normal. And ALL of my Fibro symptoms had gotten worse. Went to the doctor and found out my Vitamin D level is really low (this is always the case for me and i heard other Fibro sufferers deal with this as well) and my hormones are totally down.

The doctors suggestion was hormones, YET HE WILL NOT prescribe them to me because I smoke cigarettes. He stated the rate of cancer more than triples when you smoke and take hormones. I am going to be calling to talk to my doctor soon as I am still taking nothing and am still suffering. I don't know what to do since the over the counter meds do not work well.

Anyways, I was just checking on the site. Another one of those horrible sleepless nights.

Talk to you soon



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