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Fibro and SS Disability
3 Replies
j_mccas - April 19

I'm new here.
Was diagnosed with fibroby my Rhum.6 months ago taking Lyrica 200MG x 2 and was and still am taking Cymbalta 60 MG x 2 from Psychiatrist plus Xanax 2MG a day and Ambien 10MG - past 2 years now.
Now am on Percocet 1X a day 5-325.
Still pain all over. Primary care doc said go to pain management center. PDoc does not know what to do. I have Rhum. doc appointment this week and pain doc following week.
Percocet is only drug working for me but primary care doc says very dangerous.
I asked why kids on street can get it but people who need it can't. Answer was kind of that the doctors need to protect themselves.
I want to see is SS disability is possible due to my hurting and sleepiness? I can't work! Any experiences from anyone?


Fantod - April 19

John - A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (FMS) alone is not sufficent to get Social Security Disability. You must have documented underlying conditions such as depression, anxiety attacks, IBS and host of other "perks." And, your doctors must be willing to back you up on the inability to work issue.

If you do think that you might qualify or want to discuss it further go online and find a company called Allsup. They specialize in SSD with a 98% success rate. I used them myself and was approved in 6 months without having to go to court like you do with an attorney. They do all of the paperwork for you which is half of the battle. They don't take any more of your back pay than any attorney would and strive to get the whole process completed in 6 months instead of 3 -5 years. I think that they did a fantastic job.

Have you tried Savella for FMS which was approved by the FDA in the USA last year? It has been used in Europe for decades. This is the newest drug in the FMS arsenal and some people are having good luck with it.

I see a pain management specialist for my FMS as well as some underlying orthopedic issues. They are very strict about dispensing medication and keep very detailed records. If Percocet is what works for you than I would hope that the pain management specialist will be open to continuing that regimen. But, you have to do your part and keep your appointments and follow their instructions to the letter.

I have a couple of other thoughts on your situation as well. Have you ever been tested for a vitamin D deficiency? Many people with FMS do not have enough of it and that can cause widespread pain. Testing is done with a simple blood test. My other thought is a possible sensitivity to gluten. It is possible to be sensitive without having full blown Celiac Disease. The most accurate test for this is done using a stool sample. This is another cause for widespread pain and also common among FMS people.

And finally, I would hope that you are not using anything containing an artifical sweetner including Splenda. Artifical sweetners, lunch meat (nitrates) and deep fried foods all contribute to higher pain levels in people with FMS. If you require an artifical sweetner use something made with the nontoxic Stevia plant like Truvia or Suin Crystals. You can find these items right alongside the other sweetners in any decent grocery store.

I hope my comments are helpful to you in some way. Keep in touch and take care.


Noca - April 19

I find Dilaudid 12-16mg is the only thing that helps my pain. I have tried countless drugs. Going to retry Lyrica at higher doses like 400mg as you are taking. Gabapentin at 2400mg did nothing but sedate me. Cymbalta did nothing, Nortriptyline is doing nothing either.

I'm currently on:

Fentanyl 25mcg/h
Dilaudid 4mgx4 PRN
Xanax 2mg PRN
Nortriptyline 50mg
Zyprexa 10mg


Duo - April 20

Welcome to the site J-mccas. You certainly are not alone and I truely feel for anyone who has to work through the pain and fatigue alongside all the other symptoms this dreaded thing brings with it. I worked full-time until I was 55yrs. and simply broke down at work because I couldn't bear it any longer - I had to phone for my husband to come and drive the car home I was in such a bad way. I applied for retirement on the grounds of ill health and cutting a very long story short eventually had two independent consultants give me positive reports and I was fortunate enough to go with a full pension. I subsequently applied for disability living allowance (live in U.K.) and was turned down even though I had had two operations on both shoulders, a fundoplication for GERD and injections in the base of my spine as I was unable to walk because of disc probs. I did take it to appeal and was awarded the very lowest component for care but nothing for disability/mobility. I have been wondering if I should reapply and ask them to look at it again as I am waiting to see specialist for op. on my spine - only to be told I can but could actually lose the benefit I already get! Doesn't life suck; it amazes me in this Country that there are so many "lay-abouts" getting benefits and those who deserve them only get grief. I like to think that this dreadful fibro is becoming more and more recognised and hopefully will b recognised for what it is for most - totally disabilitating. Good luck - I can definitely say from experience that the more gentle you are with your body the better off you are although flare-ups occur at least its better to cope with at home than work. Easier said than done I know.



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