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Fibro and smoking
4 Replies
Wasfitonce - July 12


Was wondering if any sufferers are currently smoking or have given up and if the fibro symptoms eased?
Going to anti smoking clinc soon hopefully to get champix (everyone is using it).


Fantod - July 12

I copied this information right off of this site.

Many of us are addicted to nicotine. Whether it's in the form of cigars or cigarettes, it is equally detrimental to our health. Smoking increases the chances of developing lung and other cancers, and can also contribute to blood pressure problems. And if you have fibromyalgia, smoking will only make matters worse.

Many fibromyalgia smokers find that inhaling nicotine actually triggers symptom flare ups and can even make symptoms worse than usual. This may be due to the fact that nicotine impairs the function of your muscles. Nicotine enters your blood stream, reducing the amount of oxygen circulating around your body. As a result, your muscles don't get vital oxygen and are unable to repair themselves, causing you pain. Nicotine has also been linked to muscle contractions, which could lead to sleep disorders, like restless leg syndrome.

Do your best to cut nicotine out of your lifestyle. Ask your physician about a smoking cessation aid or join a support group to help you make the transition.

Good luck with kicking the habit. I sincerely hope that you suceed.


JOEGIRL - July 13

I gave up smoking long time ago and beleive me it was hard but it can be done.. You won't regret it and you will feel so much better.I started with the patch then just dropped that and stopped cold turkey. I think smoking does make your body feel pain more ,so go for it and Goodluck.
FIBRO makes you tired and to stop smoking you will have more energy, We need all the energy we can get.I am sure everyone will agree on that.


Wasfitonce - July 13

Cheers guys

I am sure i have read an article on reduced oxygen intake and fibro. definately going to make the effort. Have tried to stop before but this was well before fibro at least now there is a sound reason to stop.


LastsGal - July 15

I quit drinking two years ago because of my fibro, or rather because of the contraindication of alcohol with the fibro meds I take.

I know I should quit smoking due to general health concerns alone, but I haven't tried yet. My doctor's also trying to get me to give up caffeine.

I'd like to know how I'm expected to eat dinner without wine, coffee or a cigarette??? lol



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