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Fibro and Related Symptoms/Disorders? Anyone experience these?
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Mary - June 20

Hi Everyone,

I'm a 35 yo Caucasian female. These are my currently diagnosed/known problems:

- Hypothyroidism due to ideopathic thyroiditis. This was diagnosed in 2001, TSH was 67.4 and thyroid has several benign nodules. The hypothyroidism controlled/corrected by 1.5 mg levothyroxine daily. My last TSH test results = 1.3 (good).

- Facet Joint Syndrome - I also just started treatment for cervical facet joint syndrome (ow ow ow). MRI of c-spine was normal - problem is thought to be inflammation of the tissues and nerves within and surrounding the facet joints.

- MRI findings - small scattered foci in periventricular and subcortical areas of the brain, gadolinium contrast shows no active areas of inflammation, cause is yet unknown, undergoing further testing for MS.

I've had a lot of "aches and pains" here and there my entire life. My mom was diagnoses with Fibromyalgia a few years ago, so I've started researching it. I've also experienced a few minor neurological symptoms that don't last long and I have always dismissed as nothing. Here are some of these symptoms:

- Eye Pain - left eye hurts when looking to the right (this has been ongoing for a few months now)

- Tingling in legs and arms, lasts a few minutes, unaffected by change in position
- Itching/Prickling Sensations of upper thighs that lasts for several days, then goes away, never any visible rash or redness
- Sharp/Hot Pinprick Sensations in my feet and legs that come and go randomly, only last a few seconds usually, sometimes occurs along with jerking of limb
- Neck Pain that radiates into shoulders and sometimes down one arm or the other into elbow and wrist, sometimes accompanied by tingling in pinky and ring finger (current, thought to be due to facet joint syndrome)
- Fatigue, fatigue and more fatigue... ugh! (current)
- Brain Fog, cognitive issues like forgetfulness, spaciness, frequently mixing up or omitting words, vowels or consonants when speaking, apathy (current)
- Clumsiness (dropping things, walking into things, many broken dishes to my credit)
- Depression
- Postural Hypotension - very frequent episodes - 3 to 10+ occurances per day (don't think it's due to dehydration -- I drink LOTS of water all day)
- Tender Points - My sweet fiance likes to offer massages. I cannot stand massages because they hurt!!! I've discovered through his massages that I have some extremely painful tender points... they match up with the images I've seen of Fibro tender points.
- Reactive Hypoglycemia - I cannot have carbs as the first meal of my day or if I have not eaten for several hours. It will lead to an episode of severe hypoglycemia. Luckily I can recognize when it's coming and eat something before it gets so bad that I pass out.
- Digestive Problems - I've had many, MANY tests to determine the cause of my severe bloating immediately following meals. None found... even IBS was ruled out. The gastro docs still have no idea what causes it. Everything looks normal, except for the bloating, of course!

In the last year or so, the neck pain, fatigue, brain fog, clumsiness, postural hypotension and reactive hypoglycemia have gotten steadily worse. I haven't fainted from the postural hypotension yet, but I've come pretty close. The reactive hypoglycemia is to the point where I cannot have carbs (simple or complex) at all in the morning anymore or I will end up having an episode 2 - 3 hours after every meal for the rest of the day. I also cannot have plain carbs if I am really hungry -- if I combine it with a protein food I'll usually be okay. I only eat cereal at bedtime for "dessert." Late night seems to be the only time carbs don't give me a problem.

Anyhow, enough of the background! Does any of this stuff ring familiar with anyone else? I'm curious to know.

Thanks in advance for your time...

Mary in CO



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