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fibro and poss. ms
11 Replies
Kathy Adatte - November 4

I was diagnosed with Firbromyalgia in Jan. and have had all of the symptoms. I am doing Aqua therapy and lyrica and flexoral and ultram..but now MRI has shown brain lesions could indicate the start of MS. Anyone else have both diseases? My sleep study led to the MRI as I am getting enough stage 4 sleep. I am so glad I found this forum today as it has been a rough day. THANKS for any response.*Kathy


trans - November 5

I am so very sorry to hear of your possible ms diagnosis. My sister-in-law had a shadow at the base of her brain stem and they called that a cousin of ms. I am not aware of lessions being part of the syndrome but the list seems to be getting bigger everyday. Kathy, I hope you have a real good doctor and that they take good care of you. I am sorry I do not know anyone else with both ms and fibro, I will keep you in my prayers Kathy and please keep fightin the good fight. God Bless you.


trans - November 5

Hi Kathy,
I just went in and googled fibromyalgia and brain lesions and there is a lot of imformation out there not, necessarily MS, one article was talking about a connection with a certain vitamin. Good luck and keep hunting.


Amyloo - November 12

Hi Kathy,

I have both fibro and MS. First dx with Fibro in 05, and then MS in 07. There are a lot of similarities in the two diseases. Do you have a good neuro? Do you have neurological symptoms? Today is 11/12; I will check back today for your reply. I am usually on an MS forum more than this one, and there are actually a few people there that have both. Not uncommon, but do not worry. (yeah, right.) It can be handled. Love to you, Amy P.S. MS site is medhelpdotorg if you are interested.


mauricegreer - March 13

I have been struggling with this very same question. I was diagnosed with fibro first. Then I had an MS-like episode. Since my sister has MS, I went to my neurologist for testing. It showed a very small amount of demylenation at the top of my brain. The spinal tap was negative for protein, so I wasn't given the MS diagnosis. It's been years, now, and even though I continue to have MS-like issues, I haven't had another demylenating event. So, I'm hanging out in limbo. I was doing research a while ago that suggested there might be a link between the two, but there was no hard science to prove it. I just know that the therapy for my fibro (lyrica, ultram, ambien, soma) are not enough to deal with the problem. My doctor is trying me on an injectable drug. So far, it has proven more effective than IV solumedral. All I can say is that this has been a long, painful journey that tests my resolve every day. Hang in there, because the research being done in this area is coming fast and furious. I do believe they will prove a connection, in the end, not just with MS but other auto-immune issues like lupus. Listen to your heart, and don't let anyone tell you it's nonsense. Take care.--Kathy from Alabama


axxie - March 15

My MRI shown the brain lesion and the MRI report came in with MS, was referred to neuro and she did the usual balance etc tests and said she did not see anything to say I had it, but that she would send me to all the tests anyway. The tests all came in negative, including the spinal tap no protein bands. As a neuro, she said she sees plenty of similarities with Fibro and MS and that the brain legions is just one of it, but not to confuse it with MS. Anyway she diagnosed me with Fibro and sent me to my family gp for treatment and maintenance. When things go wrong and gp doesn't know she call the neuro and they discuss and come up with a treatment plan.


Amyloo - March 15

Please be sure to have a Lyme test done, with a lab that specializes in tick bourne illness.

I was dxed with Fibro in 05, then MS in 07, and never had a (proper) lyme test run. When I did, it lit up like a Christmas tree. To the best of my knowledge and research, Fibro does not create brain lesions. Brain lesions are caused by an attack on the myelin sheeth that surrounds the nerves in the brain. MS is an auto immune disease in which the body attacks itself (the myelin) and Lyme is a bacteria that wreaks havock on the whole body, including the brain.

Not saying that Lyme is the answer, just please rule it completely out with a proper lab. God bless, Amy


Mom-Mom - March 17

Hi Kathy, I too have Fibro and just found out that I also have brain lesions indicating MS. Right now I take Lortabs 10/500mgs. 4-6 aday and Soma 350mgs 3x's aday. I used to take the Lyrica but not any more I went from 110 lbs. to 175 lbs within 7 months and started having seizures. Needless to say the doctor took me off of the Lyrica. I wish I was getting enough sleep, if I get 4 hrs im lucky. I've been in pain from the Fibro for 10 years non-stop, I forget what not to be in pain is, I do not know what that feeling is any more.On top of it I also have RLS so I take Requip and 2 rods withs screws and bolts in my back. And I am only 43.


axxie - March 17

I feel for yo Mom-Mom and all others who may share the fibro with ms and now lyme disease.
I had a lyme testing done and it came back negative.

I'm wondering how I would go about in getting tested by a reputable lab? I'm in Canada and lab test are all done at the same group lab?

Maybe an indepedent lab would be able to help

AS for lyraca, that is all I hear about people gaining so much weight, my girlfriend gained 80 lbs in 3 months and was eating normally. She's off the lyraca and onto cymbalta and even do it took awhile to get used to cymbalta, she feels better and is now starting to loose weight thanks to weight watchers.


Amyloo - March 17


The proper lab for a lyme test is in California; the name is Igenex. If you go to their website you can order their kit for a lyme test. They specialize in tick bourne illness; my first lyme test through a standard lab (Quest) was also negative.

You will receive a lab slip in your kit that requires a dr signature. The two basic labs to order are #188 & 189 (Western blot IGg and IGm) and it will cost you arount $190.00. If you have anymore questions I am happy to help. God bless, Amy


monicarox11 - March 18

My grandmother had multiple sclerosis and she had brain leisons revealed on her mri i would say fibromyalgia goes along with ms as a disorder with the disease, I would check up with a neurologist and get more answers. Instead of just lyrica your doctor would have to give you anti-inflamitory meds like steroids to ease your pain and symptoms and to slow down the lesions that are showing up on your brain. Good luck Kathy you're in my prayers.


belle1329 - March 19

Has everyone done the sleep study, my doctors recommend it, I have not done it yet. They also recommend a Fibro specialist but I cant afford to go there since insurance does not cover most of the procedures, and I do have my husband massage and I have the hot tub, tried the chiro, but it did not help and was going to PT but with $15 co pay could not afford. I joined exercise and tried yoga and self medicate, with tylenol and advil and sometimes a glass of wine when my stomach can tolerate it. and every so often if I can find medical mary.(that can be expensive too If you do illegaly find it) It helps alot. as Ive read in the Fibro Drug postings



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