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Fibro and Menstruation
17 Replies
JJ - June 22

Lately, just before I start my period, I feel horrible. I actually feel like I am coming down with a horrible flu virus. I get pounding headaches, achy feeling all over, all I can do is lay down and rest. This lasts about 2 days and ends pretty much the moment my period starts. I don't know if this is related to fibro, or it could be menopause -- I am almost 48 and my mom and sisters went through menopause at around 50. Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms associated with fibro.


Tammy - May 12

hi, i also have Fibro, and about 2 days before i start my period i feel awful also, i just started yesterday, and new it was coming, im having alot of problems with my cycle and cysts, fibroids, they are talking about a hysterectomy, im wondering what that will do as far as my fibro goes, maybe i'll feel better if i don't have my cycle any more at all, i should mention, i have 37, and have had fm for about 10 years,,,


JJ - May 15

You would think I would know this would be the start of my period by now, but it doesn't happen every time, and when it does, I feel so completely wiped out, it really feels like I am coming down with a bad flu. I am completely out of it for 2 days. Do you have any help from PMS medications? If this continues much more, I think I would be willing to have a hysterectomy to make it stop!

BTW, my Gyn. thought I had fibroid tumors, but I had a laproscopy done last year with DNC and everything looked fine, even though they thought they had seen a huge tumor on the sonogram. The DNC did not seem to change things.


Tammy - May 16

i don't really bother with the pms meds, i guess it's just something i haven't done, i know when i was first diagnosed that it wasn't like this, seems like it's only been the past couple of years that i've noticed it, and my doctor said that she thought i was premenapausal (sp?) so that was my only thought as to why it might be happening, did you have a ultrasound done when they thought you had a tumor? im glad that everything worked out for you. if you try the PMS meds let me know if they work for you at all, i hope they do, gl, feel well,


donna - May 18

I'm 45 & have been perimenapausal for 6 years. I too really suffer on a monthly basis, starting 1-2 days before my period & lasting for several days. I can't take time off work but am really not that focused or productive because the fms flare ups make be feel so rotten & achy. I find that any physical changes trigger a flare up.


Kim - May 18

I have the same problem. My period is this week and started getting a migraine 2 days before. I feel achy and exhausted. I even missed work today because I feel so bad. It seems like the symptoms have been getting worse each time. I have an appointment in 2 weeks with my doctor so I am hoping she can help.


JJ - May 23

thank goodness I did not have these symptoms again before starting my period last week. I really can't explain it. This time I was actually under more stress -- financial problems, kid graduating high school, travel out of town for work -- you would think that would have triggered the worst symptoms, but didn't. hope next month is good too!


Anne Hillebrand - May 23

It has to do with fluids not leaving the body that normally do. You will find that Phenyelphrine (Sudafed PE) is a great help. Also do not eat acid foods or drink soft drinks. You can chew some Tums to further reduce acidity.


JJ - May 24

Anne, Thanks. I do drink cokes occasionally. however, my consumption of acidic foods does not vary that much and one month I can feel so horrible like I described in my first posting above and then this month, I virtually had not bad symptoms before starting my period. I am thinking maybe my problems are in regards to my periods are hormonal and related to approaching menopause rather than related to my FMS.


Marla - May 30

YES! I suffer horribly around this time. I am in a lot of pain all over my body. I ache and my pelvic area and hips hurt really bad. I am extremely moody and very tired. It is also often accompanied by a headache. However, I am very uncomfortable for a few days into my cycle. All of my tender points seem to feel worse.
Good luck with your journey with this....I have been diagnosed for a year now and can't find a good Doctor to help me manage this. I am finally going to see a OB/GYN Dr. that is very familiar with this and hopefully, I will get some good care. Again, good luck and take care of yourself.


Louise - June 15

Hi, it may be the fibro that is causing these syptoms for you, but I'm 37 and what you're describing sounds pretty much like what I have had since I was 11 years old. Our bodies change all of the time. For you, it could be brought on by the fibro if this is totally different for you ...or it could be menopause. I thought that I was beginning early menopause and then I read that hot flashes and other uncomfortable "female" odors could be a part of Fibro for some women. So, long story could be the Fibro or not. Do I sound confused? yup


louise - June 15

I don't get it. Nothing against anyone personally but, what I hear a lot of women compalaining about is just YOUR PERIOD


donna - June 15

louise, no, it's more than just getting a period. I should know, I've been getting them for 33 years. Since getting FMS the pain felt during my period is throughout my entire body, not just cramps/back/headache. It feels just like a really bad flareup of FMS.


Kim - June 15

No, mine is more than just my period as well. I have never had problems with my period as I have had now since my Fibro came on and I am only 36 years old. I just went to my gynocologist and she said that hormonal changes can bring on the Fibro symptoms. I have terrible heachaches now, flu-like feeling, and pain that I had never had before when getting my period. She is thinking of switching me to a different birth control pill that I would take so I wouldn't get my period.


Lisa - June 15

Hey, I have problems too. My gyn. put me on Seasonable almost 2 years ago. But it doesn't work right for me. Instead of getting my period on the third month, I get it on the second month and then some on the third month. I need to call her to advise, but I get so sick of being a guinea pig with medicines --- since nothing works on me like it does on the "normal" folks!!! LOL!!!


Louise - June 22

Well, as far as me saying it's just your period, I guess that I have had a harder period than others because what you are all describing is what I have had for years. This was before and now along with all of the lovely symptoms, pains and annoyances that Fibro brings. Again, I didn't realize that the symptoms some of you describe experiencing during your period were for you Fibro symptoms. Learning new things every day.


Dani - June 22

I have horrible migraines before my period, often lasting 4-5 days, as well as exhaustion and aching all over-



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