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I have had Fibro for a couple of years now. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. I have had SEVERE night sweats the past couple of weeks and went to the doctor. They tested my hormones and I am in Menopause! Fibro and Menopause at the same time?! This sucks!

Is there any other woman out there that has experienced Menopause on top of Fibro? How did you make it? Does anyone have any advice or tips for me?

I already have fatigue, pain, insomnia, low Vitamin D, irritability and several other issues. They are now being exagerated due to the Menopause. This is no fun :(


Fantod - November 30

Yep - Mercifully my menopause experience did not last too long. I was up at dark thirty eating popsicles or standing in front of the open freezer door to cool down. Frankly, it was horrible.

I used a holistic supplement to control my symptoms - Estroven Extra Strength. At night, I took Estroven PM which helped me sleep too. It took about two weeks for the Estroven to really kick in, after that I did pretty well.

Stress, deep fried or spicy food could bring on a hot flash. No matter what I did, my irritability was off of the charts with everything else that was going on healthwise. At that point, I signed up for counseling to figure out how to manage my health issues. I would recommend that you either do a holistic supplement or whatever the doctor is recommending to get yourself through it. Take care.


axxie - December 1

I've been in menopause for years, I kid you not, some doctors will prescribe hormones, I've been on every hormones and it's a matter of choice, what I found is that hormones do help with fibro.

I tried Estroven many years ago, may I add that it also works very well. What I liked about estroven it calmed me down and I did sleep better.

I guess it's a matter of personal choice, both work it's upt to you to figure out which one would suit you better.



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