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Fibro and Hormone connection
9 Replies
kentucky girl - August 18

I just read a book by Dr. Elizabet Lee Vliet entitled Screaming to be Heard. The book explores the hormone connection to fibromyalgia and other diseases. It makes sense.

Has anyone ever had a doctor explore that avenue and if so, what kind of specialist was the doctor.

Kentucky girl


lucky13 - August 18

I haven't read the book, but will be checking it out. To me, the hormone connection makes sense. The FDA approved drugs for fibro right now are anti-depressants which often help the serotonin levels.
I am pregnant, and with my last two pregnancies, my fibro symptoms have been gone until my 3rd trimester which is when hormones can lower some.
Since there is still a lot of unknowns with Fibro, I think a hormonal connection is a good theory


kentucky girl - August 18

Something just clicked with me regarding the hormones. I had a hysterectomy at a very young age and have been on hormone replacement therapy for years. About 15 years ago, long before I was diagnosed with FMS, I started having severe pain in my legs, actually everything below my waist ached. I saw several doctors, even an orthopaedic doctor. After several tests, the orthopaedic doctor sent me to a gynocologist who increased my estrogen. The pain stopped! I was pain free for many years until about 5 years ago.
I think I will explore that avenue again. It's worth a try.

If anyone else has had any experience with this, please let me hear from you.

Kentucky girl


axxie - August 19

Hello Kentuck girl, it's about time someone is finding a corrolation, actually I've been seeing a fibro doctor yes, there are some, but you have to pay for his services. The first thing he did was put me on progesterone. I was on estrogen for many year, due to having a total histarectomy when I was 23. I'm now 54 and was misearable, the pain started after I stopped taking estrogen, all the doctors kept telling me I had to stop, that it was dangerous etc. etc.

Anyway, here came this doctor up in Ottawa that was talking about hormones and fibro. So I got to question him at length. Spoke to a friend of my who happens to be obgyn and while talking she said she remembered that fibro and hormones played a vital role.

Hence I have been on hormone replacement progesterone what a difference this makes. I take the transdermal cream (you need a compound pharmacy to make it up for you). It's no more expensive then having pills. Now if you take just estrogen depending on your age, it might do, put at one point they have to try something different then it's progesterone.

I am completely off my cymbalta, I have some minor aches but can mineage with a muscle relaxant, I am also almost weaned off my sleeping pill and have more energy then I know what to do.

My cholesterol level went down an I have no more pain in my legs and I can think straight. I am now working four days a week and doing fine.

Progesterone is great, it gave me back my sex life, my only complaint that I have right now is, can my husband keep up with me :) wink wink.

As everyone knows when really down in hormone it's bad for your aches and you start to loose bone mass which put us in having more problems.

I'm not saying it's the answer to everyone, but for me I am doing fine.


kentucky girl - August 20

Axie, I'm so glad someone has some experience with this. I've felt for a long time that female hormones played a major role in Fibro. Several years back I was seeing a doctor who did the bio-identical hormones. I used the hormone cream that was made by a compounding pharmacist. I saw a big difference in my Fibro symptoms. However, my insurance did not cover any of the office visits and none of the hormone cream. Needless to say, it was quite expensive and after a while, I could no longer afford the treatment and had to stop. After suffering for several years with very intense pain,I think I'm going to find a doctor who deals with hormones even though it won't be covered by my health insurance. I'm willing to do without something else just to get the pain to stop.

I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Kentucky girl


lesley1225 - August 26

Axxie - can you share the name of the doctor that you saw in Ottawa?


axxie - August 29

lesley, the name of the doctor is: Dr. Reagan, as to what I know at the moment he is not taking any new patient, but I would call and leave a message.

It took me 8 months to see him, as I was told at first that he did not accept any new patient. Then I get a call and voila. He's closed for the summer and I think only returns in September. I get to see him at the end of september, after my test are all completed.


axxie - August 29

So I'm on progesterone, but can't take it everyday, but it has changed my body. Even though I weight approximately the same, my body has more muscle tone and I feel stronger and more alert.

A few days ago I had to stop the cream, I guess my body had enough, my feet were swelling really bad. A few water pills and I few days off the hormone took care of the situation.

After checking on the internet, I found it's a common side-affect. Maybe I applied too much, who knows. I'll be calling his office to see, what can be done about my feet swelling up. I'll keep you posted on that one.

It has helped me with my thyroid, memory and I generally feel stronger. I still have fibro, it's just I feel less pain, which is a good thing.

I even have started falling asleep without any sleeping pills, but I still have bad nights where I need my sleeping pills and my tramadol to control the pain, it just seem to me, I feel less pain. I don't think it's a miracle worker, but I'm sure that what you feel in pain, can be managed better when your body has hormone playing tit's role.


go4it - October 29

I'm new to the site and am so grateful that I found it. I had blood work done 6 months ago (complained about not being able to stay warm so thought thyroid), have had Reynauds for over 10 years, and come to find out my RA factor was elevated so went to my first Rheumy. Was told Wegners Disease, Lyme, Lupus,Sojgren's; all of which I didn't have true symptoms for. I went to my second (and by far the best) Rheumy and as soon as I described pain like someone driving a nail through my thigh, arm, joints, etc he said Fibro. I also have RA but it's tolerable for now, and am controlling it with diet and exercise. What I did notice was a week before my cycle, the pain was worse. I stopped taking the pill over a year ago and am wondering if I should get back on it for the hormomes. I'm turning 50 at the end of the year and know it'll soon be 'that time'. I don't want to start Fibro or RA meds, I'm taking liquid B12, VitD, multi, echinacea/goldenseal, Aleve 2xd, and MSM which have all been working very well - except for that one dreaded week and a half. Any thoughts? (By the way, there are sulfite free wines out there and they're great! Check out


kvc33 - October 30

I have always 'known' that there is a connection. What's the difference between men and the mostly women who get fibro? Hormones. My RLS is worse at PMS time and so is my pain. However my body won't even tolerate bio-identical creams in tiny doses, so hormone treatment is not viable for me. I do however, believe that hormones are only part of the story.



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