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Fibro and Fatigue Centers
10 Replies
Kelly - April 26

Hello. Has anyone ever tried going to one of those Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Pain Centers? I have visited their web site at and am interested in giving it a shot. The only downfall is that the visits are not covered by health insurance. If anyone has ever gone to one of the centers or knows of anyone that has can you please let me know if you have seen any results from it? Thanks so much.


mary - April 17

where is it?


Kelly - April 19

They have locations throughout the United States. If you go to their website you can type in your zip code and they will provide you with a location nearest to you.


KimR - April 19

I had my third visit today at the one near Cleveland, Middleburgh Heights, OH. I felt it was my last resort, even after going to a doctor who wrote books on fibro and had it himself. My doctor at FFC, a former primary care doctor, understands and tests for everything. My first visit was in Feb, my third today. I am feeling so much better, more energy, no fog, confusion, memory loss or pain. They do bloodwork for every possible cause of fibro. My problem was hormonal, mostly lacking free T3. I started taking the compounded T3 April 1 and haven't even reached the maximum dose yet. I take many supplements each day, but she will wean me off of those as time goes on. I had three nutritional infustions, the first on my first visit. It made my chest pain go away during the infusion, I couldn't believe it and it really never came back and I had it for three consecutive months and a few months last summer. I highly recommend it. I went as a last resort. My insurance, a PPO, covered the visits out of network, as well as the bloodwork in network and infusions. That helped alot. They don't cover the supplements, but you can use flexible spending. I am staying on her program. My Dad even asked me if I felt better. He had not seen me in a month and said I looked so much better. That's when I knew it had to be true. He wasn't even a big supporter of this nutritional thing. Hope this info helps. The staff there is so very nice and supportive also.


Lisa - April 20

I made an appointment with the Dallas, TX center yesterday. I am a little nervous as I have not been formally diagnosed, but have had so many problems over the years that I am also a little excited about the possibility of getting some "good" help and not being handed another drug to "mask" the symptoms. KimR, I called my insurance last night and they assured me that they will pay the out of network costs like yours, but I am still nervous --- that's a lot of money to be out of pocket, but then on the other hand, how much have I spent over the years going from one doctor to the next!?!? I would be interested in hearing from others who have been to one of these centers, whether the experience was good or bad.


KimR - April 21

Good luck Kelly. I'm glad your insurance will cover. The cost is high at first, but then it gets better. I am looking forward to getting off some of the supplements. I had three visits, each 3 weeks apart. Now I don't have to go back for 6 weeks. I asked one of the nurses about other patients. She is very nice and said she wouldn't be there as she is an RN if it wasn't a good thing. She said they helped many people. The people that take longer to recover she said are those who have suffered for many, many years. Please let me know what you think. Good luck.


Jean - April 23

I am scheduled to go to a pain management center. I will see how it goes.


Kelly - April 25

Thanks for the infor girls! I just made an appointment for next month and I'll let you's know how it all goes. Take care and God Bless :)


Lisa - April 26

KimR, Question about the IV nutritional supplments...I have read that people get ill (nausea) while getting them and they smell like "corn" afterwards. (Yes, corn is what they said.) Tell me about your experience. Thanks


barbar - December 18

Can you give us an update on how well you're doing?


Anne Hillebrand - December 24

Anyone happy with their RESULTS from F&F Center?



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