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fibro and cognitive thinking
8 Replies
denny - February 21

Does fibro effect cognitive thinking, reasoning, emotions? My ex (of 3 months) has fibro, cronic fatigue, and epstein barrs. Was diganosed 7-8 yrs ago, has made life changing chooses since (divorce being one), but doesn't feel they had any effect. Does anyone with fibro have cognitive issues?


JoniB - February 21

People with fibro can have these COGNITIVE FUNCTION PROBLEMS:
__ attention deficit disorder
__ spatial disorientation
__ calculation difficulties
__ memory disturbance
__ communication difficulties (problems speaking, confusing words)


JJ1 - February 21

Yes, it is a problem. For me, the cognitive issues are worse than the physical aches and pains.


denny - February 21

JJ1, If you don't mind talking about it, what are some of your cognitive issues and why do you feel they are worse then the physical ones?


JJ1 - February 21

My primary cognitive problems seem to be related to my memory. My memory problems are problematic enough that they affect my job, my livelihood. It affects my family life as well. Some examples -- it has become a challenge for me to meet project deadlines, both due to forgetfulness and an ability to focus and concentrate. I have a pretty good organizational system to help me remember to pay bills on time, but I still occasionally forget. I put things away somewhere (like hiding valuables before a family vacation) and completely forget where I put them. My grandmother's engagement ring which I inherited is in some safe but currenlty unknown place in my closet, bathroom or bedroom (I sort of remember that much). I just went to the store to buy my daughter a composition book for school and came home with several bags of groceries and household goods, but, you guessed it, completely forgot the composition book which was the main reason for my trip........... My physical pain is much more sporadic. I had a bad episode right after Christmas where my neck pain was debilitating for about 2 or 3 days but have only had very minor pain or soreness since then. It only occasionally hampers my quality of life. My cognitive problems seem to be with me 24/7. I did/do suffer from anemia and this could be contributing to my problems.


JJ1 - February 21

That should read an "inability to focus and concentrate" not an "ability to focus and concentrate".


jane doe - February 22

JJ, This is my biggest issue also. Are you finding anything helpful? I feel like I could live with the rest of my symptoms, if I could just fix this one.


JJ1 - February 22

I really haven't found anything that helps, but it is hard for me to tell because the last few months have been compounded with fatigue from anemia. I mostly just find ways to deal with it. I write myself notes (but often forget to read them or leave them behind somewhere). My day planner is my lifeblood and I try to make sure everything gets written down in it and any important papers that must be dealt with ASAP get put in the planner. My boss is aware of my illness. His wife is a nurse and he has a relative with fibromyalgia so he is pretty understainding and supportive. My job is not in jeopardy, but I am no longer moving up the corporate ladder and at times that is depressing.


Iinda - March 2

Hi Denny. Well, being chronically ill can certainly cause a person to behave differently, from sheer exhaustion, anger over their painful situation, depression and/or anxiety, fibro-fog, etc... there are so many reasons. It is hard to understand from the outside looking in, how difficult it is to live like this every day. Sometimes we may push people away or just seem "not ourselves" from the constant struggle. Being supportive is so important, but I imagine it must get very tiring for friends and family, to keep giving to what must at times seem like a bottomless pit. That's what I often feel like, which causes me to keep most of my pain to myself, so I don't overwhelm others. People get pretty sick of hearing how unwell you are (especially if you don't "look" sick). It is very hard to be ill every day with seemingly no end in sight. Imagine having the worst flu-like body aches you have ever had, mixed with nausea, ibs, insommnia and stabbing pains all over your body everyday (plus a host of other terrible symptoms I don't have the room to mention). Whose cognitive thinking, reasoning, emotions wouldn't be affected? It's very hard.



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