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Fibro and Birth Control
9 Replies
Kelly - May 22

Hi. I was wondering if taking birth control such as Yasmin affects fibromyalgia sufferers in any way. Could it make the symptoms worse?
Thanks for your help :)


Kim - April 19

My fibro doctor doesn't believe in synthetic hormones at all. I stopped taking my Yasmin this month. After extensive bloodwork, it showed high binding of hormones, due to the birth control. Once I saw it on paper, I stopped taking. I also had small clots forming, high fibrinogen levels. Which doesn't sound good, so I stopped.


Jean - April 23

I have no clue on that question.


Kelly - April 25

Thanks for the info Kim. I'm 24 years old and I've never taken birth control pills but my ob/gyn recently put me on Yasmin due to a 3cm cyst that has developed on my right ovary. I was a bit skeptical about taking them due to their side effects but I began to take them any way because my obg/yn told me that it would prevent future growth of the cyst. It was either take the small risk of the side effects or have problems with the cyst. As soon as I started taking them I had an terrible flare up and was weaker than ever. So I was curious if FM sufferers are more sensitive to the pill than others. My ob/gyn said that it would be okay to take them but who knows. I stopped taking them, the flare ups were unbearable so I will have to find another means.
Take care :)


Kim - April 25

I have been on birth control pills for 18 years but have only started having FMS symptoms the last couple of years. I was diagnosed last year and I also asked my doctor about my birth control pills. He didn't think they would affect if one way or another. I would have many more problems if I went off of them.


Kelly - April 25

Kim, what pill are you currently on if you don't mind me asking? Does it have less side effects than Yasmin?


Kim - April 25

I've been on Ortho-Novum 777 since I was 18. I haven't had any bad side effects with it. I now take it 3 months in a row, skipping the sugar pills, so I don't have a period every month and it only lasts for 3 days.


Kim - May 15

Funny you mention the cyst. I was just diagnosed with a complex one. I'm not sure if being on birth control suprressed them or not. Went overy my gyn's head who wanted to wait six weeks. Another radiologist told me not to wait since it is a complex cyst. I've been having chest pains, and burning in my left pelvis. I am starting to wonder if all of this is related to the cyst since I was just diagnosed with Fibro this January. I stopped taking all the supplements and thryroid meds until my surgery is completed. I wasn't sure if they were exacerbating my cyst problems.


Kelly - May 22

My gyno never explained to me whether it is complex or not. She told me that it is 3cm and tried to put me on birth control pills to prevent further growth. Well, as I said previously those pills made me really sick and my body can not deal with taking them. My mother and sister have told me that 3cm seems a bit large and should be removed especially since I am at child bearing age. I am so confused and frustrated :( I am thinking about switching to another gyno because this one does not really explain things to me and just makes me feel really uncomfortable. I thought that by choosing a female gyno it would have been more helpful because they can relate to us but I guess I was wrong. What do you girls think about this? Should I seek a second opinion and/or should the cyst be removed? Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you.


Kim - May 22

Hi Kelly, I would definately get a second opinion. 99% of the cysts are nothing. But my gyn told me to wait 6 weeks, as many shrink, but it was hurting me. She told me to deal with the pain and take it easy on exercise. It hurt too much to even exercise. I went to a gynecologist/oncologist to do my surgery. They see cysts more often and have 3 years more in training. I saw two of them. The one in the smaller town, an older doctor wanted me to get a total hysterectomy done the old fashioned way, cut up the middle. The female at the academic institution is doing it by laparoscopy, only taking out my left ovary, unless the cells show some malignancy, then she will take everything. What a difference in opinion. I'm done having kids, but only 38, still a bit young for menopause. The academic center said that I could wait six weeks also as an option,but I want it out. Thinking it may be activating some of my fibro problems. Second opinions are always good. Mine is 5cm. Hope this helps.



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