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Fibro and Bipolar
9 Replies
fancithatt - January 17

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of people that have Fibro are also Bipolar. I think its something to do with serotonin imbalances. The pain is real that we suffer with Fibromyalgia and the chemical imbalance I suffer from also makes me bipolar and so many people I know suffer the same and are just too embarrassed to admit to Bipolar but it is real medical problem, not just a crazy person. Please let me know if you know of or have both disorders. Thanks!


Noca - January 18

I don't have bipolar but I have dysthymia and reoccurring episodes of major depression. I'm sentenced to a life of physical and mental agony.


fancithatt - January 18

thank you for posting Noca. I agree with you about the agony we go through. I wish you peace and comfort.


[email protected] - January 31

hi there , im not sure about bipola ? but i know i am suffering depression ! and feel very low at times . my family are no help at all . my husband is the only one who belives this illness ! my mother inlaw has been just plain cruel towards me . i have no parents they passed away some time ago and i truly miss them , they would understand and help of that im sure ] fighting fibromyalgia takes strengh and courage and i wish all of you out there all the courage in the world !!! take care xx


Canada17 - January 31

There may be a connection. We have chemical and hormonal imbalances and our brains are kind of wired differently. So it would make sense that at least some of us would also suffer from mental disorder.

When I was 18 I was diagnosed bipolar. But with medication I was able to cure it. Yes, cure it. I suffered with it for the better part of a year. I took Effexor-XR and after six months of treatment I had to be weened off as I was starting to suffer from serotonin toxicity.

I am no longer bipolar and if I take anti-depressants I suffer from serotonin toxicity. That is part of the reason why most medications used to treat FM do not work for me. I am allergic to them.

I have always suffered from FM, so it is possible that my mild case of bipolar was/is connected to that. Perhaps I was young enough, and recognized the illness quickly enough that I was able to reverse the mental illness.


Noca - February 2

Canada, in the 5 years of reading mental health forums, I've never come across anyone who has "cured" bipolar. It is my understanding that it is a life long illness that can only be treated, not cured.


FibroGal - February 3

Interesting thread. I would not be at all surprised if there is some sort of connection. I have fibro as well as cyclothymia--a (supposed) mild mood disorder, which does not feel mild to me. It used to be known as manic-depression. It stinks. I have tried just about every med out there and not only am I sensitive to the side effects, nothing has clicked. I am currently on Abilify as well as lexapro for depression and Xanax XR for my anxiety. Oh and I have OCD on top of it all. Yeah, I'm a joy to live with. Not. I'd be very surprised to hear of a cure although Id love for there to be one.


Canada17 - February 3

Well, Noca, my bipolar disorder was cured as I am no longer bipolar.

Perhaps a little more light on my history may help you to understand why I am no longer bipolar and why I know I was cured.

I experimented with Ecstasy when I was in high school. The summer before I was diagnosed bipolar I had tried it approximately eight times in a period of two months. Ecstasy releases all the serotonin in your brain for a very happy feeling. It is a dangerous drug but of course I was young and a little naive in thinking I was being safe about it; that I knew what I was doing.

Well, it didn't take long for my brain to malfunction as a result. Perhaps I was pre-bipolar before taking the Ecstasy, I can't really know.

I recognized that something wasn't right with my head and went to my doctor with my concerns. As I said, he diagnosed me bipolar and prescribe me medication. I took a dose in the morning and a dose at night. After five months I was getting high from the medication, my pupils were dialated all day, I was grinding my teeth, feeling all the effects of serotonin toxicity. I visited my doctor again who recommended I stop taking the morning dose and only take the medication before bed.

It wasn't long, maybe a week before even just one dose a day was too much for me. I started taking it every other day and then every three days, it took about three weeks and then I was off them for good. I spent approximately six months total on the medication.

I am no longer bipolar. I have no misconceptions and I was not misdiagnosed. My bipolar disorder was cured. But, it seems to also have been chemically induced, so perhaps that is why a relatively short period of time on the medication was able to correct the issue.

I highly doubt that most people would come forth and admit to experimenting with Ecstasy and document that as the reason for their bipolar disorder. Perhaps that is why you've never read anything about it being cured. Or, maybe, just maybe, I am a very unique case.

Regardless, I do realize that the majority of those suffering with bipolar disorder will not be cured. Obviously, in most cases, it is not a curable disease. However, I have Fibromyalgia and the thread asked for comments on Fibro and bipolar disorder. So, my case is pertinent to the discussion.


fancithatt - February 5

Canada17 you sound like one of the lucky few! I'm glad for you. I wish I could be cured of it. :) Anyway, since I have now been diagnosed with both I wondered if anyone else has run into this. With meds I'm doing really great I must admit. I love reading everyone's comments!. It helps me not to feel alone on the roller coaster from hell.


Canada17 - February 5

I don't doubt for a minute that I am lucky to no long be bipolar.

I am happy the medication works for you. Fibromyalgia is enough of a roller coaster without all the associated conditions.



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