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Fibro and arthritis
7 Replies
Painisthename - October 29

I have both does anyone else my body is falling


Kappa64 - October 29

I'm in constant pain, and the unknown is unknown. Fibro versus Lupus or Arthritus.


Kappa64 - October 29

Doctor is treating it as fibro, but I'm in constant pain trying to function on a daily basis. Started prednisone and feel so much better. It's only a five day regimen so I'm going to plead with the doctor to write an additional prescription.


Painisthename - November 2

Hello kappa64.believe me I do understand what u r dealing takes all your strength just to make it thru the day.please forgive me for taking so long to respond.


happyheart77 - November 22

Yes ,and it feels like the pain never ends.I used to have "flare ups" like a lot of fibro sufferers.The last time I saw my gp ,I told him ,it`s just not quitting.
Luckily he`s not only understanding ,but also knows a lot about FMS/DDD?arthritis ,which is what I have.They knew I`d chronic back problems ,but it wasn`t until a car knocked me down and then ran over my foot for good measure (LOL.Gotta laugh!) ,that ,the scans I had revealed it had spread to my hips feet knees etc.
Warmth can help ,but ,oddly ,if the weather gets too hot I ache like crazy ,and ,swell ,as I do in cold/damp weather!! I`ve not found the answer ,when I`m fit to drop.Sometimes I must be honest ,I feel really tearful.dr says it`s not surprising ,and very common with constant pain.
Take care ,I really do wish I could offer a magic solution.I know I have to stay in when it`s raining now ,or I suffer MUCH more..Sending you gentle hugs..For me it`s take it a day at a time ,and try and find something that`ll make you smile..xx


dorret - January 23

I have been on anti-depessant drugs, and in older age,I realized I had fibro; and it got worse.Without the anti-depressants,it would be much worse.

you'll laugh--try going to a chiropractor,and complain about pain!!IT HELPS to have chiro-practic!!when i get it regularly, it helps a lot!!I really recommend it!! when this old chropractor started on me,I could not get out of a power chair,my legs had pain run up the backs; he got me with less pain,and walking around.he saved my life!

your spine may have a lot to do with fibro- in my forties I was in such great shape cause I did yoga every week.When my FEET GOT BAD I had to quit everything. Once one basic part goes bad, it wrecks everything. that chiropractor was a miracle worker.

But, like you, it was my FEET that ruined everything. YEAH, YOUR SPINE!! At the very least, a good one will make the pain better.The source of all our pain is the spine.(but, no medical doctor will tell you this.) TRY a good chiropractor and give it a while--it took me a couple years, but it works!!If I could manage the insurance, (medicare is bad now)I would go every week.If the chiropractor says you need it,on Medicare you'd be surprised how advanced the chiropractic tools are now,too.(this isn't an advertisment.)It might hurt at first; cause if your spine is messed up, it takes a while to get better. I still have problems, but depression and such always messed me up any how.

NUEROLOGICAL PROBLEMS are very suspicious; I read theories about "autoimmune diseases" and arthritis; my dad;s family has both. My dad had very bad autoimmune disease, and he had serious untreated depression all his life.--so the two can be very linked.But even if the chiropractic works as "physical therapy," its very worth it.

I have been trying to google "common links of fibromyalgia patients" but no doctors will look at the mental and emotional PAST OF FIBRO PATIENTS. ---Do a lot of patients have similar childhoods? Did they get childhood abuse? I can't get any info, on this!!!WHAT in their lives, was a common link? no one will examine their common links.---only symptoms. WHAT have we all had in common? Anyone remark on this? thanks!!! :)


3bubbles - February 1

hello new to group I have rheumatoid arthritis going on 17yrs now and was Dx with interstitial cystitis & Fibro 4yrs ago , I feel the symptoms are getting worse so many different things are going on from shoulder/neck pain to numbness and tingling hands, legs, hot flashes all day and night on my right wrist my skin feels like a sun burn, I have joint pain I know its RA, but Fibro is whole different kind feeling of pain and other things when I try to talk to the rheumatologist about what's going on with my body he acts like its nothing and talks about depression wouldn't I know if I was depressed


Suzetooz63 - May 25

It is rough dealing with FMS and arthritis. When finally DXd with FMS about 12 years ago I had a hard time with the antidepressants. Now that the arthritis has become so severe I am seriously considering trying them again. This is a double whammy but I think the arthritis is far worse.



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