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fibro = Lyme disease
11 Replies
Robin1237 - September 19

Hi -- I found out last year that my fibromyalgia of 25 years is actually Lyme disease. I was bit on my foot by a tick in 1981 but had no symptoms at the time. So when muscle pain developed slowly, I never tied it nor any of the rest of the fibro symptoms to the tick bite. Last year I got tested for Lyme disease through IgeneX lab(, came out positive. I went on clindamycin antibiotic 150 mg 4x/day and within one week, the fibro pain went to zero!!! The Lyme bacteria goes for the nerves and the soft tissue. You can learn all about it at or if you want, you can email me at [email protected] to discuss.


JJ1 - September 19

My friend with Lyme disease has been undergoing treatments for over a decade with still no cure or remission. She gets very serious flare ups, she still walks with a cane and at times can't walk at all. The scariest thing to me was when she suddenly went blind but she did recover her sight within a few weeks. She had been carrying it in remission for yours and infected 2 of her 3 children in-utero.


JJ1 - September 19

"yours" in the last sentence should be "years"


JJ1 - September 19

Here is a link to an article on fibro and lyme that I saved a while back.


nburnett5 - September 19

Hi robin twas wondering if you have had any problems iwth you r blood. White blood cells low? Iwas bitten in 86 in NY. My mother pulled it out of my head. Just a question about white cells. I've had a problem with mine.


JJ1 - September 19

I just googled Lupus and white blood cells and see that a low WBC count IS associated with Lyme Disease but I see no correlation with low WBC and fibromyalgia.


Tatty - September 20

JJ1 did you mean you googled "lyme"? A fibro-moment, haha? I sure do that allot. I subsitute another word that starts wit the same letter. Sometimes it makes sense, like lyme and lupus but sometimes i might do something like say lazy instead of lyme. Hoo boy do I get some looks. But anyways, i am curious about this lyme and fibro connection. When I first got sick and described my symptoms to my sister who lives near LYME,CT where this was discovered, the first thing she said was get tested for Lyme disease but I never did. I don't remember a tick bite and don't live in one of the high risk areas, and my sister is a little bit of a hypochondriac so I blew it off. Recently I read an article linking fibro chronic fatigue and Lyme so I am wondering about it again. So what kind of doc should one see to get a test for Lyme. It has never been suggested by the dozens of docs I have seen over the last few years. some symptoms I have similar to some of yours that make me think of Lyme are the low white cell count and losing hair.


Robin1237 - September 20

JJ1 - re your Lyme friend's symptoms -- symptoms come and go -- what a weird disease this is. Also, kids are being born with Lyme. Thx for the referral to the canlyme article by Dr Donta. He is suggesting that FM and CFDs patients try antibiotics to see if they respond. I myself had a huge response to clindamycin. Re low WBC count, I've not had mine checked. Maybe this is something I should have the doctor order next time. I understand Lyme can enter WBCs and destroy them.

NBurnett5 -- what are the problems with your WBCs?

Tatty -- Only one-third people ever see the tick that bit them. Especially if it was the small nymphal tick -- it can feed and drop off. Mine was an adult female -- in my foot for a week and not going anywhere. My memory of that tick, followed by the beginning of symptoms three months later, is what makes me so clear about all this. Re doctors -- most doctors are not educated to recognize the symptoms of Lyme disease, know how to test for it or treat it. They need to be educated!! A Lyme-treating doctor is needed -- called an LLMD(Lyme-literate medical doctor). The folks at can help you find one. One more thing -- losing hair -- a Lyme symptom. Thx all for responses.


skidoo - September 20

Robin, Thanks for alerting everyone in this forum about the possible connection of Lyme disease and fibromyalgia. It seems to be a legitimate possibility that should be looked into. But if you go to every thread that was ever posted here to tell each person individually that "what you have is Lyme disease" you disrupt the forum. This forum has been around a while and there are old and new people coming in with new questions and concerns that are getting buried by the responses to dozens of old postings at a time to essentially tell them what you have already said in this one thread. That said, I strongly recommend anyone who hasn't been evaluated for Lyme disease to do so.


Robin1237 - September 21

Skidoo -- I am new to this forum, altho not to the symptoms! I've been reading through the posts here for the first time, and answering them if I think I see signs of Lyme and/or the coinfections. My concern has been if a person comes back to check on their post to see if they got any responses, that they'll see my response alerting them to what their symptoms could possibly be and to basically go read on lymenet to see if they think they match. That's why I've been answering many of the posts, but only if I think I have something relevant to say. How old is old, in terms of posts? I thought I've been basically responding to posts made within the past month. Thx.


Robin1237 - September 21

Ok, another question, about the date of posts -- do people here answer older posts, say, older than the past month? I could keep reading and responding to some of the older ones, but if no one looks at older ones, then no point to it.


Tatty - September 21

I am new here too. I think it is very hard to search the site for older information. I have used the search button on the left but sometimes it gives you things that aren't part of this forum. but there is good information here if you can find it.



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