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FIBRO & CMP comprehensive list of all possible symtoms.....
7 Replies
Jade - September 6

hope this helps someone:


Lynne - August 22

Thanks Jade good reading!


JJ - August 22

Very interesting. It does seem like my symptoms don't fit just one syndrome. While I have mild pain that periodically flares, my worst symptom is the fibrofog. I don't have the classic tenderpoints associated with fms, yet that is my diagnosis.


Rachel - August 22

Thanks Jade. Most of those are right on. I'm one of those, as I'm sure there are many here on this forum, in which the onset of so many of those symptoms hit at once. Literally, overnight, I was disabled and hospitalized. I was bedridden for 8 months. I am still housebound for the most part, but am starting to want to go out since my pain and symptoms are getting under control with meds.

As for tenderpoints, I have 15 out of 18. I found a neat little three legged massager my son calls a 'buzzer' at Walgreens for $10. It's great because of its size, you can massage the tender points in order to help the muscle relax. The biter is the battery replacement, but it's so worth it. Especially around the face, head/neck area.


R.S.Hagen - September 5

I tried that link but it didn't work, but I have a book that shows all the trigger points and the similarities, Drs need to be on the ball to figure which you have, unless it is both, I believe to have both, but never bothered persuing a diagnosis for CMP. The symptoms are obvious to me, but I wonder how many others are like me, but only have one diagnosis from the Dr? So many of the letters I have read lead me to believe this to be so. Scary. huh?


MB - September 5

Hi, I really want to look at this but the link won't work for me. I tried it without the pdf at the end also. Any suggestions? Thanks


Lynne - September 5

You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free and then you will be able to view this........


Anne Hillebrand - September 6

There is a list of Symptoms with descriptions at

Don't have to have adobe. "*" mark the most common symptoms.



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