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FIBRO & ANXIETY - taking a poll........
23 Replies
LInda - September 8

Yep, anxiety is a big issue for me too. And like others, it goes hand in hand w/the fibro. When the pain is worse, so is the anxiety. And when the anxiety is bad, the pain is worse.


Lynne - September 8

I had anxiety before the fibro the fibro just made mine worse.


Jan - September 10

Yes, I used to be outgoing and now I want to stay home and be alone. The thought of going into a department store or mall, really make me anxious.


Lucy2 - December 14

this is wierd, on this post Larry/kathy is sahying she was cured by iodine: quote: "the naturalpathic has me on iodine....Guess what? I am fine now". oh and touting the "" and "" websites. I wonder if the iodine stopped working or was just the cure of the month.


Amyloo - December 14

Skido this one says it too.


barbar - December 14

Mental disorders are part of FMS. Whatever it is that triggers/causes the FMS works in the same part of the brain that involves our mental health. That is why the medications prescribed for our FMS pain are mainly pschotropics---the same medications used in treating mental health. Most of the ones we have discussed on this forum, Zoloft, Elaxil, Cymbalta, Progivil, Strattera, Neurontin, Lyrica, etc. are primarily pschotropics designed to treat everything from attention deficit disorder to schizophrenia. Indeed, the worse your pain is, the more likely you are to be treated with the more extreme pschotropics, for example, extreme, extreme pain is most responsive to the medications designed for the more extreme mental disorders, such as schizophrenia. When you talk to your doctor, let him/her know all your difficulties. You may be experiencing things you would never have guessed were FMS. SInce FMS is responsive to medications designed for mental disorders, your doctor may be able to prescribe something for you that takes care of both the FMS and the mental disorder simultaneously. For example, I used to be hyperactive and unable to maintain focus. My doctor prescribed Provigil which took care of both.


barbar - December 14

Okay, One more try: It's psychotropics!!! I kept leaving the 'Y' out. Hey!! I'm allowed! I'm handicapped!


HK - December 14

Lord knows you would KNOW about MENTAL PROBLEMS BARBAR..... hey anyone want a piece of cake? Donut Maybe? GAG....BARF.....



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