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FIBRO & ANXIETY - taking a poll........
23 Replies
Julie - September 10

how many of you out here who suffer from FM or CMP have problems with anxiety? lately I am just a wreck worried about anything.... they call it GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) it would help if anyone shares this struggle & also how others cope. thanks :)


Janet - August 30

I have extreme GAD and I haven't found a way to cope with it. I would love some advice from anywhere out there.


Genice - August 30

Hi Julie hope your having a what I call a descent day mild pain.
yes I do suffer with at times extreme anxiety I can't stand to be around or hear my on childrens voices. And that for me is bad because every one that knows me knows how much I LOVE MY CHILDREN AND HUSBAND but at the worst times I just have to be alone


Brandy - August 30

In my case the two (fibro and anxiety) go hand in hand. The more tense and anxious I am the more muscle pain and stiffness I have. I take muscle relaxer's at night and that seems to settle things down. I am supposed to take the muscle relaxer's during the day too but if I want to get anything done, I need to skip a dose that day or I can't function, lol. I also take Lexapro and I think that helps with the anxiety somewhat. I have always been a worry wart as long as I can remember. I think it is just my personality.


Anne - September 1

If you have these particular FMS symptoms, depression/anxiety, obsessive/compulsiveness, procrastination /trouble starting or finishing projects, you may do great with a small amount of an SSRI med taken before bedtime. Keeps Seritonin moving and in the right direction.


Michelle - September 1

I have had depression and anxiety problems for over 10 years, but when the fibro symptoms started 2 years ago the anxiety went into overdrive - panic attacks, etc. I'm using Xanax when it gets really bad.


Parker - September 3

I took Effexor XR for 2 years & didn't feel any better. It took a month to wean off those HELLISH DRUGS that gave horribel w/d symptoms like electric shocks & shakes in the brain!!! if you can avoid anti-dep DO!!! I just take Clonazepam now for sleep & anxiety. I have been worried since a small child....


kathy - September 3

My answer was too long so I have to break it up into 3 parts.
Part 1- I also have a ton of anxiety. However- since I started to work on my health from a total body perspective I have been feeling great. I will give y'all insight on what I just found out and just started taking that has helped me tremendously. After many years of visiting doctors that are clueless I took this syndrome into my own hands and stopped focusing on fixing the symptoms. I have gained 40 lbs from zoloft and that sent me into a deep intensive research. I am now repairing/healings the systems in my body, ie, endocrine systems, etc.. I have found that when I am working on healing the glands (thyroid, adrenals, etc) that I am painfree and have tons of energy.I would guess that most of the people that are sick with this system would benefit from addressing how to get your individual systems healthy again so that this syndrome goes away. I have had many doctors tell me that my thyroid is fine but have had just as many naturopathic doctors voice the complete opposite. Unfortunately medical doctors are relying on test results that are very, very limited. I suggest to everyone to visit naturalpathic doctors that view the body as a whole. There is a cure, just not what medical doctors have been trainned to figure out.


kathy - September 3

Part 2 My answer was too long so I have to break it up into 3 parts.
As for me, 6 years ago I had a goiter on my thyroid the size of a golf ball. My doctor sent me to a surgeon to have it removed. Now in hindsight I realize how barbaric that was!!! I have been comparing what the naturalpathic doctors tell me to the many medical tests that I tell my doctor I want. The naturalpathics are always right on. The difference is that the medical doctors in the US are not trainned to repair, only to fix sysmptoms. When they can't fix it they put their lack of knowledge back on you in a shameful way of implying that it is all in your head.
When I ask my endocrinologist on how to fix my adrenals that are stressed he says you can't. The naturalpathic first discoved this long before the endrcronologist!! The naturalpathic has me on iodine, the endo thinks this is crazy. Guess what? I am fine now. Here are two links that would help you all out tremendously if you really want to take your health back on your own hands, one is from a medical doctor and one is from my naturalpathic doc, both are totaly insyn with each other on fibro which VERY RARE. Good luck everyone and don't buy into the limited knowledge of the medical community.


kathy - September 3

Part 3 My answer was too long so I have to break it up into 3 parts.

Good luck everyone and don't buy into the limited knowledge of the medical community. You can recover. They only know what they have been taught.
(check out your sleeping thyroid newsletter- especially if you have derpression, hair loss, cystic breast, infertility, hot/cold sensitivities, polycystic ovary syndrome, gainned weight, anxiety, etc. ). Also check out Dr. Flechas website and last but not least is. Dr. Christine Northup's site on women's health. Fibro is not in your head- it is a syndrome that is telling you to get your body back in balance. You can do it!!


Parker - September 4

OH MY GOD!!!! here it is again...........


Jessica - September 4

that spineboy website is totally pointless. I live in the UK who cares about some chiropractor in the USA? the link doesn't work....


TERESA - September 5

Kathy, what in the world is wrong with you? Can't you say what you need to say in small little posts? What was the gist of your posts? You act as if you are writting a term or research paper! PLEASE CONDENSE!!!


Beverly - September 5

Yes, yes, yes I too go through stages of deep anxiety, I'm certain I would get a gold medal for it if it were a sport. Although it always adds to the other symptoms it is a hard cycle to break.

Chin up


angela - September 7

I do!


Melanie - September 8

I suffer from GAD too, it totally sux!


LInda - September 8

Yep, anxiety is a big issue for me too. And like others, it goes hand in hand w/the fibro. When the pain is worse, so is the anxiety. And when the anxiety is bad, the pain is worse.



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