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fibo and ms.
6 Replies
connie1263 - July 19

Does anyone here have multiple sclerosis as well as fibomyalgia?
I just hurt from head to toe and i just have the hardest time figuring out which is from which diesase.
I guess it doesnt really matter ,i seem to be stuck with both.
Whoa life just stinks sometimes.
But this too shall pass.

Also does anyone know if there is a relation between the 2 dieases?
Doing the best i can


Gabbie - July 20

Hello Connie. Have you gone through all the extensive tests that are done for both of the conditions? You didn't mention what type of doctor you have seen, but a rheumatologist is the one for fibro and I neurologist would be for M.S. I was diagnosed with fibro about 2 years ago but have had the symptoms much longer. My mother was diagnosed with M.S. many, many years ago and although she has really bad times, she doesn't has the little bit lessor form of it. Both M.S. and fibro have many of the same symptoms except I don't believe that M.S. has the sometimes excruciating pain that we have with fibro. I don't really know if they're related, but since my Mom and I have problems, I have wondered about it. My heart goes out to you, having both. I wish you well.


Gabbie - July 20

Connie1263. I forgot to tell you that my mother has been taking Vitamin B-12 injections frequently for years. Her doctor years ago suggested it would help with the M.S. and because she has been able to keep going for the most part she believes it has slowed down her symptoms. At times, when her symptoms are at their peak, she takes extra and she swears that helps. I meant to say in my first post to you that my mother "has the little bit lessor form of it". That sentence came out a little jumbled.....fibro fog.....eesch.......Keep doing the best you can, it's so important.


connie1263 - July 21

Hello and thanks for writting Gabbie,
Yes i have been diagnosed with both conditions.I have had MS for a little over 7 years and i just found out about the fibro in the last month.
I tried the B-12 shots and i really didnt notice any change.I am on an injection that i take everyday for the MS.
I am not on any meds for the fibro.
I am supposed to start phyical theraphy next week.I sure hope it helps.
Dont worry about jumbling things up a bit.I do it all the time.LOL
i knew what you meant.
I try my hardest to keep a good outlook but it is just so difficult when i hurt.
Im glad i found this forum
Take care hun


Amyloo - July 21

Hi Connie, I too, have fibro and MS. I am on Copaxone; sounds like maybe you are too, since it is the daily med of the DMD's. I was first diagnosed with fibro about four years ago, and then MS this last December, when I ended up in a wheelchair for five weeks. Am walking now, though, Praise God. I also belong to a great MS forum on the "" forum. There are a few of us over there that have both. I think they are connected and some studies suggest that, but has not been definitevely concluded. God bless you, Amy


bulgarian - July 27

Hi Dear Amyloo I hope that you are well.
Could you please explain your symptoms when you've been diagnosed for Fribo? Did you have tingling tongue and lost of the taste for 1-2 weeks?
Also I'm wondering did you make MRI when you got your Fibro diagnose? And after what period you took MS ? Sorry for that questions but I'm worried that I could have both as well. Good luck!


greeneyedlady138 - December 6

Hi Connie,

I was just diagnosed yesterday with Fibromyalgia and possible MS. I am seeing neurologist next week due to a significant weakness on my left side. You're not alone in this stinking life!



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