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Fever with FMS? Newly Diagnosed- Please help
4 Replies
Amanda - August 4

So... I am 24. I was told at 18 by a Chiropractor that I had FMS... I disregarded it, however over the years my symptoms grew much worse, with this past year about knocking me down.I have all the symptoms, and then some... My MD told me it was FMS... so I listened to him. He put me on Cymbalta, which as far as I can tell, has done no good.I am so young, and I swear I feel like I am triple my age... For the past few months, I have ran low grade temps (usually not over 99.4) always in the evening, gone in the morning... Has anyone else experienced this with FMS? We can't find any other reason for the temps, but I wondered if I was the only one, as I heard rumpr that your temp can run low with FMS. Thank you so much....


Lynne - August 3

Here is an article on why your temp. can vary.
try to find interesting articles to keep on my site, you still will want to ask your doctor about this.


Kim - August 3

I have read that some people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have fevers. and some FMS sufferers also have CFS. Maybe it is worth looking into. My body temp is actually below normal so my doctor is now testing my thyroid.


Pam - August 4

I can relate Amanda. I'm 25...just wish I felt like it. But, I honestly believe everything happens for a reason...sometimes I think maybe I'm going through this so I can help someone in the future...or be more open-minded to others problems...who knows, but there's got to be some explanation for this madness. I've been suffering since I was 15 or so, but it became excrutiating when I was 18. On the low-grade temp...I seem to have that problem too, my temp usually runs low (around 96-97 usually)...but then in the evening, it will get up to around 99 and I feel flushed. I just figured it was the inflammation in my shoulders/neck causing it...not sure really. I've also heard that depending on your pain level, your temperature (and heart rate) can fluctuate accordingly. Thx for the website Lynne, I'll check that out.


Lynne - August 4

Pam on that site one of the reason for the differences in temps can be directly related to pain. Also your blood pressure is affected by pain also I found this out on a recent trip to the dr. my blood pressure is on the low side since I have FMS so the dr.s know when I am in pain it is high.



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