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Debbie Simmons - October 4

Does anyone ever run a fever with fibromyalgia? I randomly run, up to 103.2 temp. and feel like every fiber of my body hurts. I've been in the hospital in June and had every test known to man, just about, and they couldn't find anything that could have caused the fever. I lost my job a month after I got back to work. I'm 56 years old and have pain all the time. I'm afraid to look for another job. No one is going to hire me at this age, especially after they find out about why I can't work. I can't take anti-inflammatory drugs due to an anaphylactic reaction to them, so Tylenol doesn't do much to help relieve my chronic pain.


Jean - September 27

Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? Have they run a test called the Epstein-
Barr? It's a glandular fever type condition. Ask your doctor about it because as far as I know Fibromyalgia does not cause fever.


Debbie - October 4

I was in the hospital in June and they ran just about every blood test known to man. They called in an infectious disease Dr. and she did all those. Yes, I was diagnosed several years ago with Fibromyalgia. I was just asking. I have a mysterious fever that just shows up randomly and goes up to 103.2 for 1 night and the next day I feel fine. Weird!! No one can find a reason. Thanks for you response.


Jean - October 4

Hi Debbie. There have been other people who have run fever with Fibromyalgia but it is another underlying condition that is present. I have read alot about glandular infections that could run the temperature up. If they ran the tests while you had the fever that should have showed up. I don't have any other answers except that the infection or condition is hiding out at this time until someone catches it. Our bodies are very amazing and sometimes we just don't know what happens when it happens. I hope you find your answer soon. I know it is frustrating and if I come up with any other ideas I'll let you know. Good Luck.


wteal164 - July 27

Hi Debbie. I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for about 7 yrs. I do sometimes run a low fever of 99-100 (97.8 is my normal). I've also run a fever as high as 103.7 which lasted only a day and then was gone! No reason for it except i was experiencing a Fibro flare. Also, I take LDN which helps with the all-over daily pain. I take 3.5 mg per day. I can actually be touched without feeling like I'm being punched. It doesn't seem to work well for the fatigue and I still have occasional flares, but at least I can do light exercise. Another benefit is it seems to help with the depression a bit, which is great for me since antidepressants make me depressed. So there's that, hope it helps to know you're not the only one who gets fever :)



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