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feet and ankles swelling
10 Replies
sharibee - November 10

will your feet . legs, and ankles swell with fibromyalgia


Gabbie - November 10

Hello Sharibee. There can be a lot of pain in the body, along with many other symptoms, but I don't think swelling is one of the symptoms of fibro. I am assuming that you have a medical problem that you have going on since you have found your way to this forum. Have you been to a doctor yet?


sharibee - November 11

Yes, have been to my Dr and have been diagnosed. The pain is all over in my joints. He has started me on medication but now my feet and lege are swelling. Didn't know if that was a sign or not.Thanks for getting back to me.Shari


Gabbie - November 11

Shari, I'm wondering if you are allergic to the medication your doctor is giving you since I really don't think the swelling is from fibro. Did your prescription come with the list of side effects or you may be able to look the med/side effects up on the web. My husband had surgery a while back and the doc gave him pain meds, and his legs, feet, etc swelled up. If the meds are something that you can temporarily stop taking, maybe you should consider doing that until you can get more info on possible side effects. Let me know how you are doing.


JJ1 - November 11

See your doctor. These symptoms are not typical for fibromyalgia.


sharibee - November 14

I spoke with my Dr today , and was told that my feet and legs swelling was one factor of fibromyalgia. He put me on a stronger diruetic and a potassium tablet. Hoefully that will take care of the swelling. Hope to hear from you again soon.


Gabbie - November 14

Shari, I'm glad that you spoke to your doctor. This is the first time I'm hearing about swelling due to fibro. The list of things associated with it seems to be getting longer all the time. Hopefully the meds your doctor is prescribing will take take of that problem quickly. Keep me posted.


skidoo - November 14

"Although it may feel like an arthritic joint disease, fibromyalgia is not a true form of arthritis and does not cause deformities of the joints. Instead, fibromyalgia is a form of muscular rheumatism causing muscle pain. There is no swelling involved and the joints are not often affected. But pain is felt in the muscles, ligaments or tendons. " I have read you can have a "sensation of swelling/edema" with no actual swelling with fibromyalgia. The diuretic is used to treat edema and the potassium is to replace the potassium you will lose on the diuretic so your physician is just addressing the symptom and not what is causing it.


Fantod - November 14

I agree with skiddo - there is something else going on other than FMS. It sounds like your Dr. is just treating the symptom rather than getting to the root cause. I'd find someone else to manage my healthcare. Please get a second opinion.


JJ1 - November 14

Sharibee, Important: ….. read this...

I did a Google search for “fibromyalgia swelling diuretic” and got this link copied below. Sometimes these links don’t copy well on this site, so if it doesn’t work, do the Google search – it was the first link on the search….

Here is a quote from the link…………….“When doctors respond instinctively and prescribe a diuretic, or water pill, the fibromyalgia worsens because these preparations mobilize fluid by promoting muscle actions that induce more pain.”


HeatherL - November 30

I have found potassium helps with this. :)



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